[DNS] auDA domain news - 23 May

[DNS] auDA domain news - 23 May

From: David Goldstein <david>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2016 14:25:05 +1000


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Two more speed bumps for the ICANN Reforms by Milton Mueller



Republicans threaten to derail internet transition



ICANN to publish board meeting transcripts

< <http://domainincite.com/20479-icann-to-publish-board-meeting-transcripts>


se: Domain names will not be forfeited from the Foundation



Australian company fails to get Pepperjam domain name in UDRP

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2016/05/19/pepperjam-affiliate/>


More Domain Stats: The 10 Most Abused Registrars



SpamHaus now publishing better TLD abuse data







Two more speed bumps for the ICANN Reforms by Milton Mueller

The revision of ICANN?s bylaws to reflect the new accountability measures is
proceeding on schedule. Public comments close May 21 and it is clear that
only a few revisions will be needed to fully align the draft bylaws with the
proposals of the IANA transition and enhanced accountability working groups.



Republicans threaten to derail internet transition

Republican congressmen are increasing their efforts to delay transition of a
critical piece of internet infrastructure from the US government to a
non-profit organization based in California.



A Job for Rubio-Cruz: Save the Web - Off the campaign trail, the senators
now turn to protecting the Internet from Obama.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, back from the campaign trail, have something
productive to do in Washington. They?ve taken the lead against President
Obama?s plan to give up U.S. protection of the open Internet.

< <http://www.wsj.com/articles/a-job-for-rubio-cruz-save-the-web-1463951044>


We Must Protect Internet Freedom: Cruz, Lankford, and Lee outline concerns
for Department of Commerce and NTIA

U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), James Lankford (R-Okla.), and Mike Lee
(R-Utah) on Thursday sent a letter to the Department of Commerce and the
NTIA. The letter outlines concerns with ICANN's proposal to end United
States government oversight of key operating functions of the Internet.

< <http://www.cruz.senate.gov/?p=press_release&id=2646>


Cruz Sees Himself As Protector Of Internet Freedom

It looks like Senator Cruz? letter writing campaign isn?t going to end any
time soon. While previously the Senator and former US presidential hopeful
was happy exchanging salvoes with ICANN he?s now switched gears and is
instead focussing on NTIA and the US Department of Commerce.



Asia prepares for a greater role in managing the internet

Since the dawn of the internet, the U.S. has taken charge of managing the
network. Responsibility for running it, however, is shifting eastward.






Letter from Philipp Grabensee, Sole Managing Director, HOTEL
Top-Level-Domain S.?.r.l., to Christine Willett

New gTLD Application for .HOTEL



ICANN to publish board meeting transcripts

In a surprising move towards further transparency, the ICANN board of
directors has decided to start publishing transcripts and possibly
recordings of its meetings.

< <http://domainincite.com/20479-icann-to-publish-board-meeting-transcripts>


CENTR position: Input on the Draft New ICANN Bylaws

The CENTR community welcomes the opportunity to present its opinion on the
draft ICANN Bylaws developed to reflect the recommendations contained in the
proposals by the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group and Cross
Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability.




ccTLDs & gTLDs


10 Facts About .SKI Domains You Probably Don?t Know (But Should)

Last week we celebrated reaching 8,000 .SKI domains. In just 8 months .SKI
has become the second largest sports related domain name extension and the
fastest growing. So we thought we?d share 10 facts about .SKI domains you
probably don?t know, but should.

< <http://www.domains.ski/10-facts-about-ski-domains/>


uk: Nominet launches Partner Programme for turing DNS analytics tool

Since its launch in June 2015, market interest in Nominet?s ground-breaking
turing DNS monitoring and analytics platform has been strong. As it enters
its next phase of development, Nominet is looking to recruit an elite
network of resellers to accelerate its deployment into the field.



Nominet on the hunt for 12 partners in 12 months

Domain registry vendor Nominet is on a mission to find a dozen partners in a
year to sell its first commercial product, Turing.






Who Rules this Domain? TLDs Explained

In 2012, ICANN decided that the number of TLDs available for use by the
public needed to be broadened. They opened a window of several months for
anyone who was willing to pay ($185,000) to apply to register the TLD of
their choice and hence claim their own little corner of the Internet. This
year, the application process for all 1900 of the first wave of applications
will be complete, and the last of around 1300 new TLDs (about 600
applications went belly up for various reasons) will be made available for
use and, in many cases, for sale to the general public.

< <https://hostingfacts.com/top-level-domains-explained/>


The Next Generation of the Internet (gTLD Info Graphic)

The first new gTLDs are now available to the general public. While the topic
is still largely under the radar for most digital marketers, the opportunity
to create unique, memorable digital experiences with domain names has
finally arrived.

< <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYbVr5DJ56c>





ch: Swiss Ransomware Theme Day

Together with partners, the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information
Assurance MELANI is organising an awareness day for ransomware today. The
participants include organisations from various sectors, software
manufacturers, federal offices and a range of Swiss associations and
consumer protection organisations. SWITCH and the Swiss Internet Security
Alliance are supporting the theme day.

< <http://www.switch.ch/news/ransomware-day/>


Q1 2016 SOTI Security Report: Retail Takes Brunt of Web App Attacks

Retail was hit hard in Q1 2016 by malicious actors who targeted the business
sector with web application attacks. That is among the findings in the State
of the Internet Security Report for the first quarter of the year.






Phonetic argument fails UDRP test

A roast chicken stall owner who registered two domains under new TLDs in bad
faith could not convince the presiding panellist that the ?Monster Energy?
trademark sounds like ?Magician Anna?s Chicken? in Chinese.



Hacker rescues Hollywood house from URL scam squatters

WhiteHat Security founder Jeremiah Grossman has published details that could
help victims of domain hijacking.



Seized Popcorn Time ?News? Domain Sparks Free Speech Appeal

The battle over the legality of a seized Popcorn Time "news" domain is
heating up. Last week a complaint by two digital rights groups was denied by
a local court due to a lack of standing, but today they filed an appeal,
joined by the legal owner of the disputed domain name.



se: Domain names will not be forfeited from the Foundation

The judgment concerning the forfeiture of the domain names thepiratebay.se
and piratebay.se was received on Thursday. The Court of Appeals decided to
uphold the district court?s verdict and reject the prosecutor?s action
against IIS. The domain names will however be forfeited from their holders
and pass into state ownership.



Pirate Bay?s Domain Shuffle Has Come Full Circle

After years of rotating domain names, The Pirate Bay is now back at its
original .ORG domain. The notorious torrent site started redirecting users
after a Swedish court ruling put its .SE domain at risk. Today we take a
look at the rather impressive domain shuffle the site went through.



The URS: What is it good for?

Despite ICANN introducing the URS system to help brand owners enforce their
rights in the new gTLDs, the numbers so far suggest that it has not had the
impact expected.

< <https://www.cscdigitalbrand.services/blog/the-urs-what-is-it-good-for/>


Australian company fails to get Pepperjam domain name in UDRP

An Australian lender that uses the brand name ?Pepper Money? has failed to
get the domain name PepperMoney.com from an old division of eBay.

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2016/05/19/pepperjam-affiliate/>


au: Syntech Distributors Limited v. Tiger Bay Minerals Pty Limited - Case
No. DAU2016-0016

1. The Parties: The Complainant is Syntech Distributors Limited of Auckland,
New Zealand, represented by Simpson Western, New Zealand. The Respondent is
Tiger Bay Minerals Pty Limited of Queensland, Australia, internally
represented. 2. The Domain Name and Registrar: The disputed domain name
<syntechnz.com.au> is registered with Netregistry Pty Ltd.

< <http://www.wipo.int/amc/en/domains/search/text.jsp?case=DAU2016-0016>


au: Harness Racing Australia Inc v. Electronic Communities Pty Ltd - Case
No. DAU2016-0017

1. The Parties: The Complainant is Harness Racing Australia Inc of
Flemington, Victoria, Australia, represented by Pointon Partners, Australia.
The Respondent is Electronic Communities Pty Ltd of Middle Park, Victoria,
Australia. 2. The Domain Name and Registrar: The disputed domain name
<hra.com.au> is registered with Drop.com.au Pty Ltd (the "Registrar").

< <http://www.wipo.int/amc/en/domains/search/text.jsp?case=DAU2016-0017>





More Domain Stats: The 10 Most Abused Registrars

Filling in The Spamhaus Project's domain panorama in our "Top-10 Worst"
pages, we have added a page for The 10 Most Abused Domain Registrars. It
breaks out by registrar the ratio of bad domains versus total domains as
seen by our systems in the course of a rolling two-week window.



SpamHaus now publishing better TLD abuse data

SpamHaus has updated its ?10 Most Abused Top Level Domains? list to provide
a much more useful insight into abuse levels.



The best hosting gets even better

Over the past few years, I?ve written a number of times quite passionately
about our hosting platform. I?ve covered some important topics such as Can a
Domain Registrar be a Good Web Host, Changing The Rules on on Registrar
Hosting and have given insight into our underlying SSD Hosting Technology

< <https://blog.namecheap.com/the-best-hosting-gets-even-better/>


Introducing Namecheap PremiumDNS ? Now Just $4.88

... We do a lot to secure our application servers, but what about our DNS
servers? How can we ensure the servers that serve our domain names are
secure and perform 24/7/365? DNS protection is something that the world?s
biggest websites have always pursued, and now it is accessible to you.

< <https://blog.namecheap.com/premiumdns/>


ng: NIRA Awards Galaxy Backbone ?Best Domain Name Registrar? 

The President of Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA), Sunday
Afolayan, has awarded to Galaxy Backbone Ltd, the Best .ng ccTLD Registrar
in Nigeria at the 2016 .ng Web Awards organised by NIRA, the managers of the
country?s Internet real estate.






No IoT without IPv6

Do you think the Internet of Things will be the Next Big Thing? It can?t be.
Not until we get past the real Next Big Thing: IPv6.



Event Wrap: IPv6 Adoption by ASEAN Government Agencies, Jakarta

APNIC and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore conducted a
two-day workshop on IPv6 adoption by ASEAN government agencies.



Fragmenting IPv6 by Geoff Huston

Geoff returns to the subject of IP packet fragmentation, this time looking
at how IPv6 has changed the behaviour of packet fragmentation and discussing
the concern of whether IPv6 can handle big packets.

< <http://www.potaroo.net/ispcol/2016-05/v6frags.html>





Krueger?s suit against M+M dropped, for now

Former Minds + Machines chair Fred Krueger has dropped his lawsuit against
the company, which concerned ?missing? shares.

< <http://domainincite.com/20477-kruegers-suit-against-mm-dropped-for-now>


We Need You: Industry Collaboration to Improve Registration Data Services

For more than 30 years, the industry has used a service and protocol named
WHOIS to access the data associated with domain name and internet address
registration activities.

< <http://blogs.verisign.com/blog/entry/we_need_you_industry_collaboration>


Join the discussion on Whois data quality

What do you think needs to be done to improve the quality and accuracy of
contact information in the APNIC Whois?

< <http://blog.apnic.net/2016/05/19/join-discussion-whois-data-quality/>


uk: McEwens of Perth department store closes for last time

Department store McEwens of Perth has closed its doors for the last time,
having gone into administration earlier this year. ... Assets include trade
mark rights protecting the McEwens of Perth brand, as well as rights over a
selection of branded websites, domain names and databases from the company's
e-commerce side.

< <http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-36349516>


mmx.co: Dismissal of lawsuit

The Company is pleased to report that Fred Krueger and all other plaintiffs
have dismissed their lawsuit against the Company and all other defendants,
as initially reported in the Company?s RNS dated 26 February 2016, without
prejudice, pursuant to a tolling agreement between the parties.

< <http://mmx.co/2016/05/19/dismissal-of-lawsuit/>





Year's Biggest Domain Sale to Date Tops This Week's Sales Chart at $1.2

For the past two months TP.com has reigned as the year's biggest domain sale
after going for $929,000 at NameJet - but now there's a new King of The
Hill. In 2016's first reported seven-figure sale, we learned that Tribune
Publishing (publishers of the Los Angeles Times) bought LA.com for $1.2
million in a transaction that we confirmed was brokered by GoDaddy.

< <http://dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2016/20160518.htm>





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