[DNS] auDA domain news - 20 June

[DNS] auDA domain news - 20 June

From: David Goldstein <david>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2016 14:20:50 +1000
Hi all,


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What They?re Saying: Reaction to NTIA?s Assessment of the IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal

< <https://www.ntia.doc.gov/blog/2016/what-they-re-saying-reaction-ntia-s-assessment-iana-stewardship-transition-proposal> https://www.ntia.doc.gov/blog/2016/what-they-re-saying-reaction-ntia-s-assessment-iana-stewardship-transition-proposal>


Transition Proposal from ICANN Fulfils NTIA Requirements

< <https://international.eco.de/2016/news/transition-proposal-from-icann-fulfils-ntia-requirements.html> https://international.eco.de/2016/news/transition-proposal-from-icann-fulfils-ntia-requirements.html>


se: Pirate Bay Domain Dispute Appealed to Supreme Court

< <https://torrentfreak.com/pirate-bay-domain-dispute-appealed-to-supreme-court-160618/> https://torrentfreak.com/pirate-bay-domain-dispute-appealed-to-supreme-court-160618/>


Web addresses promoting sex crimes against children must be stopped

< <http://www.coe.int/en/web/portal/-/internet-web-addresses-promoting-sex-crimes-against-children-must-be-stopped> http://www.coe.int/en/web/portal/-/internet-web-addresses-promoting-sex-crimes-against-children-must-be-stopped>






What They?re Saying: Reaction to NTIA?s Assessment of the IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal

A week ago, NTIA announced that the proposal developed by the Internet multistakeholder community to transition the U.S. Government?s stewardship role for the IANA functions met the criteria NTIA outlined in March 2014.

< <https://www.ntia.doc.gov/blog/2016/what-they-re-saying-reaction-ntia-s-assessment-iana-stewardship-transition-proposal> https://www.ntia.doc.gov/blog/2016/what-they-re-saying-reaction-ntia-s-assessment-iana-stewardship-transition-proposal>


Transition Proposal from ICANN Fulfils NTIA Requirements

On 9 June 2016, the NTIA of the US Department of Commerce took a public position on the IANA Stewardship Transition proposal.

< <https://international.eco.de/2016/news/transition-proposal-from-icann-fulfils-ntia-requirements.html> https://international.eco.de/2016/news/transition-proposal-from-icann-fulfils-ntia-requirements.html>


IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal passes NTIA criteria

The IANA Stewardship Transition passes a milestone with the NTIA affirming that the community?s proposal meets its criteria.

< <http://blog.apnic.net/2016/06/13/iana-stewardship-transition-proposal-passes-ntia-criteria/> http://blog.apnic.net/2016/06/13/iana-stewardship-transition-proposal-passes-ntia-criteria/>


IEEE Takes a Lead Role at World Summit on the Information Society Forum

IEEE raised its visibility at this year?s annual WSIS Forum, held from 2 to 6 May in Geneva. IEEE was a contributing sponsor through its Internet Initiative.

< <http://theinstitute.ieee.org/ieee-roundup/opinions/ieee-roundup/ieee-takes-a-lead-role-at-world-summit-on-the-information-society-forum> http://theinstitute.ieee.org/ieee-roundup/opinions/ieee-roundup/ieee-takes-a-lead-role-at-world-summit-on-the-information-society-forum>


EuroDIG 2016 in Brussels ? Balancing politics, policy and tech

On 9-10 June 2016, the annual Pan-European dialogue on Internet governance (EuroDIG) was held in Brussels, Belgium. EuroDIG is ?an open platform for informal and inclusive discussions on public policy issues related to Internet Governance?. This year?s edition was hosted by EURid, the registry for .eu.

< <https://centr.org/news/news/eurodig-2016-in-brussels-balancing-politics-policy-and-tech.html> https://centr.org/news/news/eurodig-2016-in-brussels-balancing-politics-policy-and-tech.html>


Reflections on Internet Governance and Regulation with Special Consideration of the ICANN by Lu?s de Lima Pinheiro [Cyberlaw by CIJIC]

Abstract: This article is focused on very general issues of Internet governance and regulation and on the potentialities of the adopted general conceptions with respect to the ICANN evolution. It advocates for an autonomous governance of the Internet, based upon a model of multistakeholder and globalized organizations.

< <http://ssrn.com/abstract=2796402> http://ssrn.com/abstract=2796402>





The Georgian Script Community Forms Generation Panel for Developing the Root Zone Label Generation Rules

ICANN is pleased to announce the formation of the Generation Panel to develop Root Zone Label Generation Rules for the Georgian script.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2016-06-17-en> https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2016-06-17-en>


Three Years into ICANN's Middle East Strategy by Baher Esmat,VP, Stakeholder Engagement - Middle East

Over three years ago, ICANN stakeholders in the Middle East came together to develop a regional engagement strategy for 2013?2016. The strategy affirmed the need to foster:

< <https://www.icann.org/news/blog/three-years-into-icann-s-middle-east-strategy> https://www.icann.org/news/blog/three-years-into-icann-s-middle-east-strategy>


ICANN looks to introduce new domains, create multilingual internet in India

ICANN is the address book of the internet. It is working on what it calls the "largest expansion" of DNS in the world, along with the implementation of Internationalised Domain Names, for local language support.

< <http://www.digit.in/internet/icann-to-introduce-new-domain-names-create-multilingual-internet-in-india-30685.html> http://www.digit.in/internet/icann-to-introduce-new-domain-names-create-multilingual-internet-in-india-30685.html>



ccTLDs & gTLDs


DNS Belgium launches tool to test EPP

DNS Belgium launches a tool you can use to send EPP commands to an EPP server. EPP is a protocol for registering and managing domain names.

< <http://www.dnsbelgium.be/en/news/dns-belgium-launches-tool-test-epp> http://www.dnsbelgium.be/en/news/dns-belgium-launches-tool-test-epp>


ICANN Accredits DENIC as Third Party Provider of Registrar Data Escrow

With Data Escrow, DENIC will soon provide a new service to the DENIC registrars. The Cooperative has successfully passed all the applicable reviews by ICANN and has now been accredited as Third Party Provider for Registrar Data Escrow, in short TPP RDE.

< <https://www.denic.de/en/whats-new/news/article/icann-accredits-denic-as-third-party-provider-of-registrar-data-escrow-tpp-rde/> https://www.denic.de/en/whats-new/news/article/icann-accredits-denic-as-third-party-provider-of-registrar-data-escrow-tpp-rde/>

< <http://www.domainpulse.com/2016/06/19/icann-accredits-denic-third-party-provider-escrow/> http://www.domainpulse.com/2016/06/19/icann-accredits-denic-third-party-provider-escrow/>


Dominican Republic to celebrate 25 years of .do

The Dominican Republic will be marking the 25th anniversary of its .do TLD from August 22-25, as part of a four-day event called Internet Week.

< <http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/technology/2016/6/18/59678/Dominican-Republic-to-celebrate-25-years-of-do> http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/technology/2016/6/18/59678/Dominican-Republic-to-celebrate-25-years-of-do>


EURid partners with Naturefund and EuroNatur to protect the Osogovo Mountain chain

EURid is pleased to announce that it will be joining Naturefund and EuroNatur in their pursuit to protect nature and wildlife in Bulgaria.

< <https://eurid.eu/en/news/eurid-partners-with-naturefund-and-euronatur-to-protect-the-osogovo-mountain-chain/> https://eurid.eu/en/news/eurid-partners-with-naturefund-and-euronatur-to-protect-the-osogovo-mountain-chain/>

< <http://www.domainpulse.com/2016/06/19/eurid-naturefund-euronatur-protect-osogovo/> http://www.domainpulse.com/2016/06/19/eurid-naturefund-euronatur-protect-osogovo/>


FICORA issued a regulation on fi- and ax-domain names

FICORA has issued a regulation on domain names that end with fi or ax and the registration of such names. The regulation enters into force on 5 September 2016 as fi- and ax-domain names switch to the new international registry-registrar model.

< <https://domain.fi/info/en/index/tietoa/ajankohtaista/2016/P_9.html> https://domain.fi/info/en/index/tietoa/ajankohtaista/2016/P_9.html>


1 in 6 Irish SMEs still have no website, social media account or any online presence

We are delighted to publish our second dot ie Digital Health Index today. In April 2016 we worked with Ignite Research to measure the health of 500 Irish SMEs? digital presence by analysing the number of digital assets (like websites, apps and social media accounts) owned by them, and their perceived quality.

< <https://www.iedr.ie/1-6-irish-smes-still-no-website-social-media-account-online-presence/> https://www.iedr.ie/1-6-irish-smes-still-no-website-social-media-account-online-presence/>


nl: Warning: fake invoices from Domeinregistratie Nederland

We are currently getting reports about people receiving fake invoices from an organisation calling itself Domeinregistratie Nederland.

< <https://www.sidn.nl/a/about-sidn/waarschuwing-voor-nepfacturen-domeinregistratie-nederland> https://www.sidn.nl/a/about-sidn/waarschuwing-voor-nepfacturen-domeinregistratie-nederland>


DNSSEC is Enabled in Saudi Arabia?s Arabic TLD (.????????)

As part of SaudiNIC?s activities for enhancing and protecting the national domain name space (.sa and .????????), SaudiNIC, on Tuesday 14 Jun 2016, activated DNSSEC for Saudi domain names under the IDN ccTLD (.????????). By this Saudi Arabia became the first gulf country that enabled DNSSEC in its domain names space.

< <http://www.nic.sa/en/view/news_158> http://www.nic.sa/en/view/news_158>


.STORE Makes $1+ Million Until Day 1 (t-shirts.store $25k, stars.store $10k)

Radix announced that their new gTLD .STORE made more than $1 million before close of general availability day 1, earlier this week. This figure includes revenue earned from premium names, sunrise and regural registration fees.

< <http://onlinedomain.com/2016/06/17/domain-name-news/store-makes-1-million-day-1/> http://onlinedomain.com/2016/06/17/domain-name-news/store-makes-1-million-day-1/>


uk: Nominet launches free IoT solution to help those with sensory and cognitive impairments

Nominet, best-known for managing the .UK internet infrastructure, today announces the availability of free code and instructions for building smart IoT buttons, called ?Pips?.

< <http://www.nominet.uk/nominet-launches-free-iot-solution-help-sensory-cognitive-impairments/> http://www.nominet.uk/nominet-launches-free-iot-solution-help-sensory-cognitive-impairments/>





.sucks terminates Com Laude as ?gag order? row escalates

Vox Populi, the .sucks gTLD registry, has terminated the accreditation of brand protection registrar Com Laude as part of an ongoing dispute between the two companies.

< <http://domainincite.com/20602-sucks-terminates-com-laude-as-gag-order-row-escalates> http://domainincite.com/20602-sucks-terminates-com-laude-as-gag-order-row-escalates>


Verisign loses .art contract to CentralNic

CentralNic has been awarded the back-end contract for the forthcoming .art gTLD, usurping Verisign from the role.

< <http://domainincite.com/20597-verisign-loses-art-contract-to-centralnic> http://domainincite.com/20597-verisign-loses-art-contract-to-centralnic>


CentralNic grabs another client from Verisign

CentralNic Group plc announced today that it will be the backend registry services provider for the .art TLD.

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2016/06/17/centralnic-grabs-another-client-verisign/> http://domainnamewire.com/2016/06/17/centralnic-grabs-another-client-verisign/>


Weekly Launch Guide June 20, 2016

A summary of upcoming TLD launches is included below.

< <https://www.cscdigitalbrand.services/blog/weekly-launch-guide-june-2016-copy/> https://www.cscdigitalbrand.services/blog/weekly-launch-guide-june-2016-copy/>


The scramble for .africa: Lawyers in California are denying Africans their own domain

THE ruler-straight lines and strange squiggles of Africa?s borders are a reminder of how the continent was carved up by European powers around a conference table in Berlin at the end of the 19th century?with scant regard for the wishes of its inhabitants. (Several squiggles represent the shifting of a port or mountain into a different country.) Now a virtual version of this scramble for Africa is taking place in a court in California, over ownership of the continent?s internet address, or technically its gTLD.

< <http://www.economist.com/news/middle-east-and-africa/21700661-lawyers-california-are-denying-africans-their-own-domain-scramble> http://www.economist.com/news/middle-east-and-africa/21700661-lawyers-california-are-denying-africans-their-own-domain-scramble>


Contract breach cited as TLD Registry switches from Afilias to Chinese government back-end

The break between TLD Registry and former back-end provider Afilias may be even less amicable than first thought.

< <http://domainincite.com/20588-contract-breach-cited-as-tld-registry-switches-from-afilias-to-chinese-government-back-end> http://domainincite.com/20588-contract-breach-cited-as-tld-registry-switches-from-afilias-to-chinese-government-back-end>


TLD Registry moves registry services to China

TLD Registry Ltd is switching its two TLDs? back-end services from Afilias to Teleinfo Network Technology Co., Ltd.

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2016/06/16/tld-registry-moves-registry-services-china/> http://domainnamewire.com/2016/06/16/tld-registry-moves-registry-services-china/>





The June 2016 issue of our SWITCH Security Report is available!

A new issue of our monthly SWITCH Security Report has just been released. The topics covered in this report are: A RUeful tale ? unknown cyberattackers steal 20 gigabytes of data from RUAG, Twitter shuts the door on US intelligence services, iPhone stays locked ? Touch ID demands a password after 48 hours & Passwords for e-banking and suchlike? You can soon forget them!

< <https://securityblog.switch.ch/2016/06/17/the-june-2016-issue-of-our-switch-security-report-is-available/> https://securityblog.switch.ch/2016/06/17/the-june-2016-issue-of-our-switch-security-report-is-available/>


As Russian Hackers Probe, NATO Has No Clear Cyberwar Strategy

In the six months since part of Ukraine?s power grid came crashing down, turned off by highly sophisticated hackers, cyberspace allies of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia have been leaving their mark here in the Baltics and across the sea in Finland and Sweden.

< <http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/17/world/europe/nato-russia-cyberwarfare.html> http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/17/world/europe/nato-russia-cyberwarfare.html>


eu: Cyber-Security, Open Data, Interoperability: Towards a truly smart e-administration

This conference will gather representatives from Industry, the European Commission, the European Parliament, Regional authorities, Academia and Civil Society to discuss topics related to cyber-security, open data and interoperability.

< <https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/cyber-security-open-data-interoperability-towards-truly-smart-e-administration> https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/cyber-security-open-data-interoperability-towards-truly-smart-e-administration>


NATO Officially Declares Cyberspace A Domain For War

NATO has officially declared cyberspace a warfare domain and said cyberattack on any of its allies will be tackled collectively. This was announced at a meeting by NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg, reports Infosecurity.

< <http://www.darkreading.com/operations/nato-officially-declares-cyberspace-a-domain-for-war/d/d-id/1325956> http://www.darkreading.com/operations/nato-officially-declares-cyberspace-a-domain-for-war/d/d-id/1325956>


38% of Financial Organizations Unable to Distinguish an Attack from Normal Customer Activity

A survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International has uncovered that banks and payment organizations are finding it difficult to manage online financial fraud in today?s connected and complex technological landscape.

< <http://www.kaspersky.com/about/news/business/2016/Thirty-eight-per-cent-of-Financial-Organizations-Unable-to-Distinguish-an-Attack-from-Normal-Customer-Activity> http://www.kaspersky.com/about/news/business/2016/Thirty-eight-per-cent-of-Financial-Organizations-Unable-to-Distinguish-an-Attack-from-Normal-Customer-Activity>





se: Pirate Bay Domain Dispute Appealed to Supreme Court

Last month the Swedish Court of Appeal ruled that two of the Pirate Bay's oldest domains will be forfeited to the Swedish state. However, Pirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij is dissatisfied with the result and has now filed a further appeal. Sweden's Supreme Court must now decide whether to take the case.

< <https://torrentfreak.com/pirate-bay-domain-dispute-appealed-to-supreme-court-160618/> https://torrentfreak.com/pirate-bay-domain-dispute-appealed-to-supreme-court-160618/>





Google and GoDaddy Sign Anti-Piracy Pledge

Google and GoDaddy have promised to do their best to ensure that their advertisements are not promoted on pirate sites. The two prominent tech companies have signed the "anti-piracy pledge" of the Trustworthy Accountability Group, a relatively new group that aims to cut funding to pirate sites.

< <https://torrentfreak.com/google-and-godaddy-sign-anti-piracy-pledge-160616/> https://torrentfreak.com/google-and-godaddy-sign-anti-piracy-pledge-160616/>





Crims set up fake companies to hoard and sell IPv4 addresses

IPv4 addresses are now so valuable that criminals are setting up shell companies so they can apply for addresses, then resell them to users desperate to grow their networks.

< <http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/06/16/ipv4_hijacking/> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/06/16/ipv4_hijacking/>





Web addresses promoting sex crimes against children must be stopped

Governments and internet bodies must prevent web addresses being registered which openly refer to child sexual abuse, according to the Secretary General of the 47-nation Council of Europe, Thorbj?rn Jagland.

< <http://www.coe.int/en/web/portal/-/internet-web-addresses-promoting-sex-crimes-against-children-must-be-stopped> http://www.coe.int/en/web/portal/-/internet-web-addresses-promoting-sex-crimes-against-children-must-be-stopped>


How the story of the hidden dot has improved policy making in Europe

The main reason for CENTR?s relocation to Brussels ? over a decade ago ? was to allow the secretariat to engage more in policy discussions. And we have done so ever since. We?ve presented in the European Parliament, at the Commission and in countless meetings with stakeholders. Often, however, we experienced that an essential requirement for having a proper debate was missing: there was no common level of basic technical knowledge on how the Internet works and the role of the different actors.

< <https://centr.org/news/blog/how-the-story-of-the-hidden-dot-has-improved-policy-making-in-europe.html> https://centr.org/news/blog/how-the-story-of-the-hidden-dot-has-improved-policy-making-in-europe.html>


First RIS Remote Route Collector in Africa Now Available for Peering

The RIPE NCC is pleased to announce that our first Remote Route Collector (RRC) in Africa is now available for peering. The RRC is hosted by NAPAfrica and Workonline Communications at the NAPAfrica Johannesburg Internet Exchange.

< <https://www.ripe.net/publications/news/first-remote-route-collector-in-africa-now-available-for-peering> https://www.ripe.net/publications/news/first-remote-route-collector-in-africa-now-available-for-peering>


An Update on RIPE NCC Activity in the Middle East

In the RIPE NCC?s second year of operations from the Dubai office, we continued to put a lot of effort into our engagement strategy on a national level by visiting as many Middle Eastern countries as we could. Our aim was to strengthen our relationship with our members and deepen our understanding of the Middle Eastern Internet community?s needs and concerns.

< <http://blog.apnic.net/2016/06/17/update-ripe-ncc-activity-middle-east/> http://blog.apnic.net/2016/06/17/update-ripe-ncc-activity-middle-east/>


The 3rd APICB Held in Beijing

On June 13, 2016, the 3rd Asia-Pacific Internet Resources Capacity Building Program was held in Beijing at Jingyi Hotel. This program was co-organized by CNNIC, ICANN and APTLD. More than 20 delegates and technology experts of the industry from over ten countries and regions, including Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka, Nepal and South Africa, as well as European Union Delegation to China were invited to attend the program.

< <http://www1.cnnic.cn/AU/MediaC/rdxw/2016/201606/t20160614_54168.htm> http://www1.cnnic.cn/AU/MediaC/rdxw/2016/201606/t20160614_54168.htm>


Sponsors Renew Early for NamesCon: Highlights From Confirmed Participants

We are seven months away from NamesCon 2017, and already our list of sponsors is the largest it?s ever been at this point in the year.

< <http://namescon.com/sponsors-renew-early/> http://namescon.com/sponsors-renew-early/>


Video: Take a look inside a Chinese domain name conference

By all accounts, it sounds like this month?s Global Domain Summit in Hangzhou was a big success. More than 1,000 people attended.

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2016/06/16/video-chinese-domain-conference/> http://domainnamewire.com/2016/06/16/video-chinese-domain-conference/>





The Challenges of Selling Domains - Part 2

In a previous article I discussed the topic of what a domain is actually worth and suggested that the great majority are actually worthless. So the questions that needs to be asked is why and how can we price domains effectively to maximise their sale potential.

< <http://whizzbangsblog.com/index.php/article-archive/article-archive/entry/why-most-domain-investors-are-in-trouble-part-2-1> http://whizzbangsblog.com/index.php/article-archive/article-archive/entry/why-most-domain-investors-are-in-trouble-part-2-1>


12,000 New .CLUB Premium Names Available TODAY!

At 10:00 am EST today, June 16, 2016, approximately 12,000 registry reserved .CLUB premium names will be released into the registrar channel via EPP, including some names that have never been offered by the registrar channel before.

< <http://nic.club/12000-new-club-premium-names-available-today/> http://nic.club/12000-new-club-premium-names-available-today/>


Blockbuster .Com Deal and Year's Biggest ccTLD Transaction Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart

On Tuesday (May 31) I told you about the Castello Brothers big sale of Rate.com for $725,000 in a deal brokered by Kate Buckley. Since we don't see a lot of sales reported at that level I expected it would top this week's sales chart and now that all the data is in hand that was indeed the case. In addition to leading our latest weekly all extension Top 20 Sales Chart Rate.com ranks as the 4th biggest sale reported so far in 2016.

< <http://www.dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2016/20160608.htm> http://www.dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2016/20160608.htm>


Efty now lets you create your own BrandBucket

Domain name sales platform Efty has released a couple of new themes that let domainers create their own domain store, including a BrandBucket-style theme where you can showcase domain logos.

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2016/06/16/efy-lets-create-brandbucket/> http://domainnamewire.com/2016/06/16/efy-lets-create-brandbucket/>


Identity Fraud And Domain Names

Illustration of an Identity Thief Hiding Behind a ComputerIn recent times, I?ve written about the scammers that are using legitimate company details of others to purchase expiring domains on the expired auction platform at Netfleet.

< <http://www.domainer.com.au/identity-fraud-and-domain-names/> http://www.domainer.com.au/identity-fraud-and-domain-names/>





Australian broadband speeds set to lag world by 2020

Australian web traffic will grow at a rate of 21 per cent a year for the next five years, according to Cisco?s latest annual Virtual Networking Index.

< <http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/601960/australian-broadband-speeds-set-lag-world-by-2020/> http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/601960/australian-broadband-speeds-set-lag-world-by-2020/>




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