Re: DNS: One day to go ...

Re: DNS: One day to go ...

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 18:08:21 +1000
Richard - Some quick answers to your queries - PG

Richard Welykochy wrote:
> Given that there is little more than one day left before the
> hand-over of DNS registrations in the .COM.AU domain to Melbourne IT,
> I am wondering if many unanswered questions will receive answers
> over the next 24 hours. I have a few of my own:
> o   As an ISP, my company of course wishes to minimise costs and
>     take advantage of ISP/Agent rates as mentioned in the .COM.AU
>     pricing policy document available at:
>     In light of the fact that the show must go on, and not wishing
>     to pass on excessive charges to our clients, after November 1 can we
>     (ISPs) assume that until the appropriate bilateral contract is signed
>     that we will be charged for new .COM.AU domain registrations at the
>     published WHOLESALE DNA Rates?

NO - You will have to sign the standard contract for Participating ISPs
('PISPs') which will be placed on our website by 9 am tomorrow; and you
will have to establish an initial credit of at least $1,000 - preferable
by  credit card (by fax).  

> o   Will I receive interest on any moneys lodged with Melbourne IT
>     used to establish a credit balance?

Yes - all interest will be credited to your account.

> o   Can I change delegation details using an on-line form (with no
>     assistance required from Melbourne IT) FREE OF CHARGE? 

The first two changes of delegation (only) made within the two year
registration period will be free. Note that before each change takes
place,  the Bureau must confirm each change has been properly authorised
by the Technical Contact and the Administrative Contact, and has been
configured correctly, in order to maintain the integrity of the DNS.
This is normally the most labour-intensive part of the Bureau's work as
DN Administrator.

> o   When will the existing .COM.AU registration facility at AUNIC
>     cease ( 

It will not cease, but the AUNIC forms will be updated tonight (31
October) to reflect the new arrangements and policies. 

> o   Will the maintenance-key system still be used..?


Will all existing maintenance keys for both DNS entries and
>     Admin/Technical Contacts remain intact?


> o   Much mention and fuss has been made in the documents on the DNA
>     Website regarding refunds for this not being delivered and
>     compensation for that not being done. Can consideration also be
>     given to e-mail turn-around time, i.e. we all have experienced
>     the frustration of urgently e-mailing some authority, only to receive
>     either no answer or an answer too late. Melbourne IT's answering
>     of e-mail relating to .COM.AU domain registrations is as important
>     as processing the registrations.

Noted - we will do our best to be responsive.
> I eagerly await the press releases due tomorrow and Saturday as well
> as some significant content updates to Melbourne IT's fledgling DNA Web site...
> Regards,
> Richard Welykochy                                           

Thanks, Richard - me too!

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