Re: DNS: One day to go ...

Re: DNS: One day to go ...

From: Simon Hackett <simon§>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 1996 09:07:44 +1000
>>The first two changes of delegation (only) made within the two year
>>registration period will be free. Note that before each change takes
>>place,  the Bureau must confirm each change has been properly authorised
>>by the Technical Contact and the Administrative Contact, and has been
>>configured correctly, in order to maintain the integrity of the DNS.
>>This is normally the most labour-intensive part of the Bureau's work as
>>DN Administrator.
>oh really?
>When you are out on the ice the advice is not to jump up and down too

And another point here: Why must each change be authorised by the technical
conact _and_ the adminstrative contact - surely most types of change are
appropriate for just one of them to confirm, not both.

For the technical changes, automate them via a password-gated access form on
the web - no incremental staff cost per transaction

For admin changes, appreciate that they will normally be rare enough that
you would be seen to be bastards to be charging for them (esp. since
essentially the only non-technical ones that will matter will be billing
contact changes - and no other business in this country is likely to be
charging customers when they inform a service provider how best to keep
charging them money!)

Or do you really mean to stall any change requests of any sort until you
have got a response from both the nominated technical and nominated admin
contact, each and every time?

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