Re: DNS: One day to go ...

Re: DNS: One day to go ...

From: Geoff Huston <gih§>
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 07:59:35 +1100
>> o   Can I change delegation details using an on-line form (with no
>>     assistance required from Melbourne IT) FREE OF CHARGE? 
>The first two changes of delegation (only) made within the two year
>registration period will be free. Note that before each change takes
>place,  the Bureau must confirm each change has been properly authorised
>by the Technical Contact and the Administrative Contact, and has been
>configured correctly, in order to maintain the integrity of the DNS.
>This is normally the most labour-intensive part of the Bureau's work as
>DN Administrator.

oh really?

When you are out on the ice the advice is not to jump up and down too

Maintaining the integrity of the zone file is most effectively managed
by robot scripts and authentication systems. The _worst_ maintained zone
files are hand maintained simply becuase old delegations are never
rechecked for sanity after the initial check has been performed and
change requests are poorly authenticated.

There are numerous scripts which will manage a DNS zone file - probably
a testament to the fact that the task is quite simple to automate.

SO - IF the reason to charge for changes is manual processing steps, as
outlined here, my advice is to increase the efficiency of the operation
- rather than simply pushing the cost of poor process management back
onto the consumer.

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