Re: DNS: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

Re: DNS: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

From: Michael Malone <pariah§>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 14:07:55 +0800
> register domain names for its own clients. I see the C.O.I. in two
> areas: charging and application of rule policy. 

The charging may be an issue to some. The application
of rule policy shouldn't be. I currently administer
ASN.AU and Hugh Irvine (of admins NET.AU.
I don't believe you'll find anything naughty going on
in either of the domains.

Our belief is that the DA's will protect themselves
from prosecution, only as long as they adhere to the
published policies of the Domain. Special cases, either
for ourselves or for "mates", opens us up to possible
challenges in the future, and perhaps more likely, to
the removal of the DA position.

Either way, your suggestion that the DA's must use one
of the other registries is a reasonable one. I wouldn't
have any problem with this, but will await further comment
before including it.

> > It is proposed that BIZ.AU be administered exclusively by
> > Internode and iiNet for a period of eighteen months.
> Does this mean then that Robert Elz will be (if he wants) the permanent
> domain administrator, to delegate for 18 months according to the paragraph
> above?

I'm not sure what you mean here?

> And if they both suffer disaster, then...?

Both organisations have secondary products other than Internet
access, and of course, our centres of operations are in
different states. I considered the risk of both going belly
up in rapid succession to be minimal.

What exactly will happen, right now, if Melbourne IT goes
to the wall?

> > B) partnerships and businesses trading under a registered business
> >    name without an ACN, 
> Ok. Is it necessary to mention the registered business number?

Yes. See below.

> > C) any other legal entity which can show it is a trading commercial
> >    organisation, such as a person trading under their own name.

> Hmm - how can the registry verify the person is trading under their own
> name? The domain is for individuals.

A couple of counter examples might be:

o Law firms (Kimberley Heitman and Associates)
o Accountants
o Stock brokers (Saw James)
o Family Businesses (Myers as an out of date example)

There are some cases where this is unfortunately very

> > The Domain Administrator or any one of the contacts will have
> > the ability to stop such changes being committed. If there is
> > no intervention, changes will actually occur a minimum of one
> > full business day later.
> This sounds like a service-level type guarantee which might differ
> between the registries rather than a policy of the domain as a whole.

We intend to make this a fully automated process. ie: it won't
be affected by service levels in any way.

> Perhaps you should cut the rule entirely - vulgar is, after all, in the
> eye of the beholder.

More than willing to accept comment on this. There is some
doubt in whether anyone would really want to have an
email address such as "michael&#167;" anyway.

> > 6) does not contravene any third party's rights to use of the name. 
> You mean trademarks? How is the registry to tell?

The registry is not. The applicant will warrant this in
their application.

> Is it possible to form a list of these reserved names?

Yes, this would be reasonable, but just hasn't been done
yet. They will be entered into the BIZ.AU name space
as TXT records before registrations open. The idea of
this clause is just to protect us from having people
saying that they want and we have to give it
to them because noone else has it yet.

Nick had many other excellent comments, which have
been recorded. We'll await further comment and
suggestions from other people before incorporating
them though.

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