DNS: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

DNS: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

From: Michael Malone <pariah§creole.iinet.net.au>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 08:33:55 +0800
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            Proposed Australian BIZ.AU Registry


It is proposed that a registry for BIZ.AU, intended for
all Australian businesses, be established under the
proposed guidelines of the DNS Summit.

Public comment is invited.


This document proposes to produce a working model based
on the DNS Summit document papers produced by Geoff
Huston and Michael Malone. These papers are available at


The new 2LD "BIZ.AU" will be established, and control
will be vested jointly to

	iiNet Technologies Pty Ltd (iiNet)
	Internode Systems Pty Ltd (Internode)

These two companies will establish competing registries
offering registration and delegation services under the BIZ.AU
domain name according to the attached policy document.

iiNet and Internode will be developing pricing models
independently. True competition between the organisations
may mean that their pricing models may or may not be similar.

It is proposed that BIZ.AU be administered exclusively by
Internode and iiNet for a period of eighteen months. In
exchange, iiNet and Internode will agree to develop for
the Internet community:

o Software to handle registrations via WWW forms; and
o Software to handle redelegations automatically; and
o Standards and software to handle merging of databases; and
o Documentation of administration procedures.

This software and working papers will be placed in the public
domain. The intention is to provide a sufficient practical
framework for other registries to operate and compete, and to
demonstrate that the DNS Summit model is practical.

This proposal has not been approved by Robert Elz. It is
distributed to the Australian Internet community, and other
parties, to invite comment and discussion. We expect this
discussion to carry weight with Mr Elz. 

This is not a final set of guidelines. It will be modified
based on input from interested parties and our lawyers. As
it stands, this is a proposal, and does not legally bind
iiNet or Internode.


It should be noted that both Internode and iiNet are stable
organisations established in 1991 and 1993 respectively. However:

In the event that iiNet becomes unable to manage registrations
within BIZ.AU, Internode agrees to assume iiNet's BIZ.AU client
base and existing contracts at no additional cost to clients,
excepting that owed to iiNet.

In the event that Internode becomes unable to manage registrations
within BIZ.AU, iiNet agrees to assume Internode's BIZ.AU client
base and existing contracts at no additional cost to clients,
excepting that owed to Internode.

BIZ.AU Registry

The purpose of the BIZ.AU domain is to provide Australian
commercial organisations with an alternative to the COM.AU
second level domain. As with COM.AU, BIZ.AU will provide a
domain name that is unique and identified with that

Domain name allocation operates on a "first-in, first-served"

Applicant Organisations

This section defines which organisations may apply for a BIZ.AU
domain name. 

A legal entity which is a commercial organisation and which trades
in Australia may register domain names in BIZ.AU.

The eligible organisation types are: 

A) corporations registered under the Corporations Law, statutory
   corporations, statutory authorities, incorporated associations;
   and also independent businesses operating under registered business
   names within one of these organisations, 

B) partnerships and businesses trading under a registered business
   name without an ACN, 

C) any other legal entity which can show it is a trading commercial
   organisation, such as a person trading under their own name.

The information that these types of organisations must provide is:

i)   full registered name of the organisation

ii)  a Postal address

iii) either the ACN, or for organisations without an ACN, an
     equivelant registration number (if available),

iv)  a Statement of the legal status of the organisation,

v)   in the case of an independent registered business operating
     under a registered business name within a larger organisation,
     the full registered business name, the business registration
     number, and the State of business registration,

vi)  any information that confirms that the entity is a legal
     commercial organisation or trading entity.

vii) the full name, email address, postal address and contact
     telephone numbers for each of a technical contact, 
     administrative contact, and a billing contact person,

Modification to Details

Each applicant will be provided with a pass phrase that will
allow certain details, such as delegation details, to be modified
without intervention. A copy of all such changes will be forwarded
to each of the contacts by email

The Domain Administrator or any one of the contacts will have
the ability to stop such changes being committed. If there is
no intervention, changes will actually occur a minimum of one
full business day later.

Multiple Domain Names

BIZ.AU has no restriction on the number of domain names held
by a single organisation, provided that a reasonably apparent
relationship between the trading name and each proposed domain
name can be shown.

Domain Name Rules

Any domain name is acceptable so long as it: 

1) is unique within BIZ.AU (name uniqueness tests for BIZ.AU are
   case insensitive), 

2) is at least two characters long, 

3) contains only alphanumeric characters and hyphens, and starts and
   finishes with an alphanumeric, 

4) is closely derived from either the legal name of the applicant
   organisation, or has been registered as a business name
   by an appropriate government authority in Australia. 

   For example, the full name, an acronym, a concatenation or

5) is not a word defined to be vulgar in a standard Australian English
   dictionary word,

6) does not contravene any third party's rights to use of the name. 

7) is not reserved for future use (eg: the Australian state initials).


In administering BIZ.AU, reliance is placed on the information
and warranties provided by the applicants. 

Applicants warrant that: 

1) the information provided in the application is true and correct, and 
2) the name sought does not breach any third party's rights. 

It is an express condition of applications that applicants indemnify
the DA to the full extent legally permitted against all claims
and demands from third parties regarding registration and continued
use of domain names. 

Acknowledgement of Rules

Continuation with the registration process is an acknowledgement that
the applicants have read and understood these rules and proceed expressly
on the basis that the rules are legally binding on the applicants. 

Licence Rules

Registration constitutes a licence to use the domain name for a given
period (two years for the initial registration), and annually or
biennially renewable by paying the appropriate fee. 

If the application for the domain name is accepted, but the delegation
request submitted on the same form is unsuccessful, the licence for use
of the domain name is retained. In such cases the delegation application
must be resubmitted after isolating and correcting the configuration of
name servers to be delegated according to the diagnostic information
provided in the reply sent to the source contact. 

The licence is not transferable to another organisation. 

The licence is revocable: 

     for failure to pay a proscribed fee, 

     for breach of applicant warranty, 

     for making an untrue or fraudulent statement in an application, 

     where a court of competent authority determines that the name
     should not be allotted to the applicant or should be allotted
     to another party, 

     where the applicant ceases to exist, or when a business
     registration that was used to obtain the licence is revoked
     or lapses, 

     where the applicant changes the organisation name, or 

     under instruction by the applicant. 

If revoked the domain name will remain dormant for up to one month.
Within this period, the original owner of that domain name can apply
to have the domain name re registered. After the period has expired
the domain name can be allocated to a third party. 

Dispute Resolution

Decisions on BIZ.AU domain name administration are made by the chosen
registry. In case of a dispute the registry will comply with the
determination of a dispute resolution process to which all parties
agreed to be bound. 

In case of a dispute with the registry, the disputant(s) agrees to submit
to, and be bound by, the dispute resolution process put in place. The
dispute resolution process provides for mediation and resolution by
an industry-accepted arbitral process. 

The chosen dispute resolution process is: 

i)   The originator of the dispute must notify the registry that there
     is a dispute, 

ii)  The originator, the registry and any third party must attempt to
     settle the dispute by negotiation and conciliation, and 

iii) If not settled by negotiation or conciliation any disputant may
     refer the dispute to resolution by an expert appointed by the
     Internet Society of Australia. All parties agree to be bound by
     the ruling of the arbiter. 

Rule Applicability

It is expected that BIZ.AU will be able to accept new registrations
from 1 January, 1997. These rules will apply after 1 January, 1997.
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