Re: DNS: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

Re: DNS: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

From: Simon Hackett <simon§>
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 1996 08:33:32 +1000
>Any interest in <number>.<area> ?

Oh great - tie people's internet presence to their phone number, which will
change as they move since phone numbers (with recent trial-basis exceptions
aside) are physical-location specific? 

I think not! The point of was that the resulting thing is tied to a
long-lived entity (an Australian company), without tying it to geography.

The DNS is not geographically limited unless you chose to limit it in
specific subdomains. I don't think this is a good one, and is better servied
with (and potentially etc etc)

>>I'm sure Smith's would be quite interested in being able to advertise
>>something like  The number of www.<movie>.com
>>addresses suggests that this is something the market is prepared to
>>pay for.

Nothing of this sort "fixes it" because there will always be cases where
there is a second and/or subsequent party who "wants that name too". You
have to accept that this will happen regardless, and deal with it -either
with the choice of a different name, with the choice of the same name in
(yet another) namespace, or (regrettably) sometimes with litigation. I think
the latter is completely crazy, and personally think that FCFS is about the
only "fair" way to drive this process in many cases.

My suggestion (and it's now many, many months old) for (made to
Robert Elz in a joint submission from me and Hugh Irvine) was based on
trying to establish a namespace which demonstrated that there can be
non-contentious allocation policies (i.e. the policy in that space is simple
- if you have an australian company with a company number, you can have its
number in This leverages on an existing, trusted, nationally
unique database. It should be one space in which litigation would never happen.

>This may seem good for trade mark holders and current users, but
>it requires 34 classes beneath a trade mark domain to avoid collisions
>(and a mere 8 classes for service marks).

I don't think this would fly...

And I think the suggestion is worth suggesting as a discussion point
but is intrinsically a bad idea for actual use (for the reasons stated much

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