Re: DNS: Domain Names - the problems with the present australian authority

Re: DNS: Domain Names - the problems with the present australian authority

From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve§>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 15:59:31 +1100 (EST)
You, Lesli Berger, shaped the electrons to say:
+Although I may agree that certain swear words should not be allowed to
+be authorised as Domain Names in Australia, in my mind it is ludicrous
+to reject domain names such as and, simply
+because "cat" and "dog" are dictionary words. Why does this limitation
+exist in Australia and not in the U.S? As far as I am concerned the
+Internet is a place where people can talk about whatever they want and
+give people whatever information they want to gain. 
+	In my mind this freedom should extend to Domain Names (within reason of
+course!) The way I see it, Domain Names should be encouraged by allowing
+non offensive words to be used as Domain Names. In this country an
+individual is allowed to have whatever word they want on a license plate
+so long as the word is not offensive and the individual is willing to
+pay for it. Domain Names should not be any different...

Hey there Lesli....

	Last friday at the INTIAA DNS FORUM number.. urm 4? or 3.. whatever,
melbourne it requested we discuss the removal of some of the restrictions
on the current system.

	With some specific modifications, we (being isps, government etc)
approved and accepted their request for changes as valid.

	At the moment there is a working group which is putting together some
papers about the creation (for lack of a name) a Domain Name Authority for
australia, which the government would rubber stamp, and which would control
the overall .au namespace.

	Things such as new 2lds ( would all be up to this
new Authority, as well as deciding who gets to administer them, policies for the
overall .au namespace as well as many other functions.

	The next meeting is to be in Sydney on umm.. *scrambles for lost bits
of paper*..... 4th of April 1997 in Sydney... more information about this
meeting will come forth soon.

	If you are in sydney, i would encourage you to attend this meeting and
let people know your thoughts..... as i would encourage anyone else who also
wanted to have a say and get involved in the way the dns is run in this country.

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