Re: DNS: Domain Names - the problems with the present australian authority

Re: DNS: Domain Names - the problems with the present australian authority

From: Brett Caird <brettc§>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 15:56:52 +1000
At 14:53 22/01/97 +1100, you wrote:
>Although I may agree that certain swear words should not be allowed to
>be authorised as Domain Names in Australia, in my mind it is ludicrous
>to reject domain names such as and, simply
>because "cat" and "dog" are dictionary words. Why does this limitation
>exist in Australia and not in the U.S? As far as I am concerned the
>Internet is a place where people can talk about whatever they want and
>give people whatever information they want to gain. 

Hmm... I wonder if they could get cat/  Policy is different in
different 2LDs, is for commercial organizations.  Unlike the US,
there is still some order here in Australia. means "we are a
commercial entity (probably Australian or an Australian
mirror/subsidiary)with an Internet prescence".  .com just means "we are on
the Internet", you may as well just leave it off and get your own 1LD.

>	In my mind this freedom should extend to Domain Names (within reason of
>course!) The way I see it, Domain Names should be encouraged by allowing
>non offensive words to be used as Domain Names. In this country an
>individual is allowed to have whatever word they want on a license plate
>so long as the word is not offensive and the individual is willing to
>pay for it. Domain Names should not be any different...

Within reason is the issue.  _Total_ freedom is anarchy, the question is
where to draw the line and thats what people can't seem to agree on.

btw... How was the meeting everyone?  Much as I would have liked to have
been there I was unable to attend.



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