Re: DNS: Implementation of Changes to COM.AU Naming Policy and Renewals Policy

Re: DNS: Implementation of Changes to COM.AU Naming Policy and Renewals Policy

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 18:22:55 +1000
Gary Oliver wrote:
> [Much snipped from Prof. Peter Gerrand's msg to cut to the quick:]
> > (a) an initial back-log of 2,500 DNs which were registered free during
> > October-November 1996, on the explicit understanding that they would
> > need to be renewed at a fee by end of December 1996, with a grace period
> > of one month (to end of January 1996).
> > (b) new registrations (some 2,000) made with payments since 1 November
> > 1996.
> >
> > 2. Allowance for Migration of Historical DNs
> >
> > All historical DNs - like other DNs - will need to be renewed with
> > payment by 17 March 1997, to avoid being deleted from the Zone
> > Files, as part of the current validation and updating of the DNS.
> Peter
> Congratulations on finding a way forward.
> Can you please clarify 2 points for me: (1) In your message snipped
> above you quote some dates. Does this mean that the latest effective
> date for renewals is now 16 March 1997? (2) Where do business names fit
> (i.e. sole traders, partnerships etc which don't have  pty ltd or ltd
> status. Thank you
> Gary

Thanks for your positive feedback.
March 17 is still the cut-off date for receiving renewals. However those
registered for free in October-November were asked to renew by 1st
February ...

For those businesses not registered with the ASC or State Offices of
Fair Trading, our COM.AU registrars accept evidence of registration of
sole traders and business partnerships etc, by either industry or State
Govt registration bodies; these should be cited in the renewal
application form - if a registration number is not applicable, a faxed
copy of a letter of registration is normally required. 

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