Re: DNS: Domain Names - the problems with the present australian authority

Re: DNS: Domain Names - the problems with the present australian authority

From: George Michaelson <ggm§>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 17:24:21 +1000
  Perhaps I should just clarify.  What I meant is that kre would be the one
  to officially approve a "Domain Name Authority", as far as The Internet
  is concerned.  In the sense that the Govenor General officially approves
  laws for the Commonwealth of Australia.  Although kre might take a more
  active role in the decision-making process than is conventional for a G-G.

David, Whilst I respect kre's choice to act in this role, and the very
high standards he enforces on himself in all his actions, I really think
that the re-delegation will be made by IANA, and that while Roberts active 
support will be vital to secure re-delegation, in the final analysis his 
legitemacy is passed from a body [IANA] and a very specific body, which itself 
takes legitemacy from some due process. 

Thats what we are seeking to participate in.

Its in nobodys interests, users, name-holders, kre, the IANA, nobody
has an intrest in perpetuating a view that this is kre by grace and favour.

Its kre because he does a bloody fine job, on behalf of a body which itself
is doing a bloody fine job, but in the final analysis, everyone in this
chain is answerable, and takes devolved responsibility.

I think the process is about finding a body which can do as good a job. Its
going to be very hard. I don't think we should expect to resolve this in
a short space of time, or without a wide degree of consensus in the broad
community. A lot of goals have to be satisfied. 

I very much hope Robert will help define those goals,  and clarify what
kind of body he expects to be a plausible recipient of substantive control
over .AU

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