Re: DNS: ADNA's first decisions - Minuted

Re: DNS: ADNA's first decisions - Minuted

From: Michael Malone <mmalone§>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 08:23:11 +0800
I'm not a spokesman for ADNA.  I just happened to be at the
meeting, so if you're waiting for a formal statement on these
issues, wait a little longer.

> Don't you have SAIA in the wrong list here, they _joined_ on Monday, I
> counter-signed the cheque to pay for it!

There were two meetings on Monday: the AGM and then the board
meeting. Under the articles, SAIA didn't become a member until
the board meeting. 

> I presume Leni Mayo is an observer who is an intending commercial DNA,
> given his company name. Do you feel there is any potential for conflict of
> interest with respect to the following point:
> >Action 3. Leni Mayo to produce draft text for a Code of Practice and a
> >set of Selection Criteria for DNAs, by e-mail to the Directors by
> >Thursday 26 June. 

Yes.  Leni was chosen on the basis that he is not an IAP, and
currently not a DNA either.  Basically, we wanted someone who
would produce a draft, have the board bash it a little, and
then have it released to the public very quickly for a lengthy
period of public scrutiny and comment.

> Note that I am making _no_ criticism of whatever Leni produces here - just
> wondering about how the above may look in terms of _asserting_ to the
> community that impartiality has been maintined. 

Aye.  In this case, I think it was just practicalities.  Leni
offered to do it, and I don't expect the final version to look
a lot like anyone's initial cut. Existing DA's would probably
include a lot of barriers in such a Code, and others may not
have considered the issue too much to date.  Leni was also
willing to accept the task, which is a pretty important criteria.

> >ADNA has currently received $7,000 in Membership fees. It was agreed
> >that Michael Malone's fee as Associate Member would be waived while he
> >is the DNA for a non-fee paying domain (
> Does this represent a policy decision for any other DNA of any other
> existing domain which does not require fee payment at this time? (,
>,,, etc)? 

My understanding was that when Geoff Huston was invited, it was
also intended that the fee be waived.  I can't see any real benefit
in charging a large fee to someone who isn't getting any money
from the job (we've already paid through our own time!)

Unfortunately, I don't think there has been a formal "policy
decision" to this effect.  It would be a Good Thing to have it
so minuted.

> >Action 4. Members are asked to provide a loan to ADNA of $1,000 each as
> >an advance on their membership fee for 1998.  Those unable to do so, are
> >asked to advise the Treasurer.
> If the cost model for ADNA is broken, is forward borrowing really the way
> to fix it? 

There is no cost model for ADNA yet.  There are three issues here:

1) The start up cost of any organisation is significant.

2) We haven't enumerated all the costs that are expected by the
   organisation in the near future.   ADNA's treasurer is preparing
   a report on this now.

3) Once (2) is complete, then a cost model will be created.  This
   is expected to include a levy on commercial domain name holders
   under ADNA's jurisdiction.  For instance, if ADNA obtains 
   the right to oversee XXX.AU, where XXX is a commercial 2LD of some
   form, then it may be suitable to levy an up front charge for new
   DNA's, and/or an annual "license" fee, and/or a percentage of

Basically, until we know what costs the organisation is likely to
bear, its probably preemptive to create policy on an income stream.

> Will ADNA pay interest on these loans? 

No.  Those members present that were able to do so were happy
to make the prepaid fees interest free.  There were also offers
of stringless short term interest free loans from a number of
commercial quarters to ensure this thing got moving.

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