Re: DNS: ADNA's first decisions - Minuted

Re: DNS: ADNA's first decisions - Minuted

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 11:53:49 +1000
Craig Bishop wrote:
> Connect will remain the sole 2LD of until such time as we are
> directed by Hugh to change that situation. I would suggest that this
> will not happen until ADNA gets public (first hand) support from kre.
> And while ADNA persists in in pushing for the whole of .au anyone else
> who would like to be a 2LD for is likely to have a long wait.

I am amused that Hugh Irvine and are adopting the same
approach to competition that Thomas Aquinas reputedly adopted to
chastity. (Thomas A. is said to have prayed "Give me chastity, Lord, but
not yet!")

Let me puncture the stereotype that commercial users of the Internet in
Australia are limited to within .au.  You will find them well
represented in, and as well as in (of course) The ADNA Board's unanimous decision on Monday was 
QUOTE "that in 1997 ADNA give priority to Second Level Domains for the
business community." UNQUOTE 

Melbourne IT insists on fair and equitable treatment in opening up a
competitive DN market for the Australian business community.  All
relevant Second Level Domains will need to be opened up for competition
under multiple DNAs, in the same time frame.

Peter Gerrand
CEO, Melbourne IT
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