Re: DNS: ADNA's first decisions - Minuted

Re: DNS: ADNA's first decisions - Minuted

From: Chris Chaundy <chris§>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 12:48:29 +1000
At 11:38 29/6/97, David Keegel wrote:
>I would tend to agree with Simon -- let's just start with
>But I would also suggest that in fairness to the DNA of, we
>look a little beyond the short term and start to pencil in some sort
>of "in principle" suggestion that, once has been `fixed' and
>it has been demonstrated that the solution is working (initially),
>we then also turn to and decide whether that is a commercial
>domain (which I think it is mostly now) and if so negotiate with
>stakeholders (especially the owner and the operator of to
>seek to implement the solution (or a variant of it) in also.
>Regarding new commercial domains, I would suggest that we put on
>hold suggestions such as (for example) until/unless it is
>determined that the objectives of cannot be met by reform
>within (eg: having multiple competitive DNAs within
>I haven't looked in detail at other suggestions for new domains
>within au, but I'd propose that consideration of the suggestions
>should also wait until we see what can be done in  It may
>be that if is `fixed', then these domains are not needed.
>As people have been pointing out "rough consensus and running code"
>is a cornerstone for change in many Internet processes such IETF.
>I think it would be quite reasonable for the owner of to want
>to see both before agreeing to actual (as opposed to "in principle")
>changes in
>In this case "running code" translates to seeing processes that work.
>And I think we will find if ADNA sets out a timetable something like
>        phase 1:  fix problem
>        phase 2:  generalise to other commercial au domains.
>        phase 3:  new *.au domains, overall au, legal stuff, etc
>        phase 4:  all things to all australians (ie: ADNA's Objects)
>then we will see a "rough consensus" emerge from that.
>I'm looking at phase 1 and 2 being fairly short term, perhaps (at a
>wild guess) three months and six months from now respectively.

Sigh...  When will it sink in?  It seems as though every time we get agreement
that ADNA should initially concentrate on (which *everyone* agrees
needs work), and demonstrate that it can do the job, someone pipes up and
says "and let's put all the other Australian domains into the timetable.  This
is the source of disagreement!  ADNA cannot simply 'take' these domains - it
must be done with the cooperation and involvement of the current administrators.

Set modest goals, achieve them and the rest will follow.

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