Re: DNS: DNA Selection Criteria V3.1

Re: DNS: DNA Selection Criteria V3.1

From: Michael Malone <mmalone§>
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 10:48:09 +0800
> >Then I'd tend to agree with David's suggestion.  Let's
> >be blunt and label them specifically "COM.AU Criteria".
> >Its easy to add "and OTHERCOMMERCIALTHING.AU" later.
> OK - I don't recollect David's suggestion but I am happy to declare that
> what we are working on here to be the "Selection criteria for new DNA and
> 2LDs for commercial domains".

I think you may have misread what I wrote about.  I'd suggest
that it be

	"Selection Criteria for new DNA in COM.AU"

> I would also suggest that we can now progress on the basis that *all* such
> new DNAs will deal with *all* the initial ADNA 2LDs be they existing or new
> as they (the domains) will all be commercially based.

I don't see any need to make this assumption yet.

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