Re:DNS: Re: DNA Selection Criteria V3.1

Re:DNS: Re: DNA Selection Criteria V3.1

From: Glen Turner <glen.turner§>
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 13:26:19 +0930 (CST)
Peter Gerrand wrote (in <;>):
> Secondly, concerning the detail of your recommendations, I
> point out that Melbourne IT has a five-year contract as
> DNA for, and we are not prepared to forgo this
> agreement without adequate financial compensation.

Um, I recall the initial announcement of Melbourne IT becoming
the DNA for stated that the contract was

  Robert Elz, the Administrator of the Internet AU domain,
  has formally delegated to Melbourne IT (Melbourne
  Information Technologies Australia Pty Ltd) the
  responsibility for administrating the COM.AU Domain Names,
  as a non-exclusive delegation for a period of five years,
  commencing 8 October 1996.

If this is correct, on what grounds do you seek compensation?

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