Re: DNS: Re: DNA Selection Criteria V3.1

Re: DNS: Re: DNA Selection Criteria V3.1

From: Geoff Huston <gih§>
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 08:02:03 +0000
Peter Gerrand wrote:
>Secondly, concerning the detail of your recommendations, I point out that
>Melbourne IT has a five-year contract as DNA for, and we are not
>prepared to forgo this agreement without adequate financial compensation.

I have seen in previous postings as assertion that this as yet publically
unsighted agreement is a "non-exclusive" agreement to operate

If this is the case then I do not understand where the suggestion to forego this
non-exclusive agreement originated. I did think that the direction espoused
in earlier postings on this list was to indeed to implement other agreements
with other parties on the basis that any further agreements would also be

Given that there is no apparent need to forego this existing non-exclusive
agreement then I can only assume that the point quoted above is
outside the scope of the contemplated activity, and the work relating
to forming other non-exclusive agreements to operate can press

I must admit it is difficult to say any more - as other recent postings have
pointed out without sighting the agreement any further substantive interpretation 
or comment of the point quoted above is not possible, 

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