Re: DNS: Problems with, approvals

Re: DNS: Problems with, approvals

From: Rodney Haywood <rodos§>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 12:42:25 +1100
I was able to get a little while ago. Must say I was
quite suppried. Glad I just went for it. IMHO is a lot less
generic than

Lets go back to IP numbers, then we will have something else to complain
about instead <grin>.


At 11:51 AM 29-01-98 +1100, you wrote:
>Hang on George
>I don't think that it is too much of an assumption at all. After all, if
>'dart' was seen as a generic sporting name, its domain would be
>'dart' speaks to me of jumping rapidly to and fro - surely not a sport.
>Moreover, if MelbourneIT bend their rules (which we all know they do), they
>should be doing so to the advantage of the Internet industry, not
>frustrating it.
>All Internet companies essentially have the same goal - to grow the
>Internet in Australia - from this each of our niches grows. Frustrating
>situations like the one Dart are experiencing are not good for ALL Internet
>companies in Australia, because it detracts from the prime goal - to grow
>this industry.
>I personally support Dart's position. I think they should have every right
>to because it is not the generic name of a sport and therefore
>doesn't conflict with their rules.
>I also think that the rules themselves are very wrong. A generic or
>desirable name does not give an advantage of itself - its the content and
>marketing that exploit a desireable name.
>Location location location. Nobody restricts street locations a business
>can have if they are desireable. There may be differential pricing, but the
>location is essentially available.
>Over 90% of the Internet does not have these restrictions. Why should
>I should also mention that I have a vested interest in this issue, as
>NetRegistry is soon launching a National Domain Registry under with
>none of the restrictions MelbourneIT impose (apart from FCFS :-).
>Larry Bloch
>At 09:04 29/01/98 +1000, you wrote:
>>  As stated above had been accepted that would have been
that. As
>>  I had invested quit a lot of money into the venture prior to getting a
>>  domain name, ie: company formation etc. I needed to use dart.???.au
>>Uh, lets re-state this.
>>	You invested your (and possibly other peoples) money in a company
>>	with an *assumption* you would have a specific dns nameform, and
>>	had product, literature, advertizing and publically visible activity
>>	made with that name before you OWNED it?
>>Gee. I don't think you can blame all of your problems on other people.
>>Maybe the world needs a DNS FAQ #101 with some suggestions like
>>	Your DNS name may not be what you initially apply for, or expect.
>>	If you make critical business assumptions about your online presence
>>	before legal ownership, caveat emptor applies.
>>DNS in Australia has some problems, but not all problems are the fault of
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