Re: DNS: ADNA Board meetings

Re: DNS: ADNA Board meetings

From: Stephen Baxter <steve§>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 14:15:47 +1030 (CST)
There is a meeting scheduled for April in Adelaide (suggestion).

Lets make it a public meeting !

>  >_From: Luke Carruthers
>  > 
>  > >> No - this is a Board meeting of ADNA's directors, not a general meeting. As
>  > >> in the past, observers will be invited from ISOC-AU, AVCC, ACCC and DoCA.
>  > >
>  > >I suggest you also call a public meeting.
>  > 
>  > There are often public meetings on specific issues, the most recent being
>  > in December regarding the introduction of a new namespace.  What did you
>  > have in mind as the objectives of a public meeting?
>  name space policy reform.
>  the move towards competition is clearly a step in the right direction.
>  however this list doesnt seem to ellicite much debate, many serious
>  questions I have asked go unanswered.
>  matter of dns are matters of public interest, and I find it
>  disturbing that any body in australia is making policy
>  decisions on dns behind closed doors.
>  having said that perticular issues that I beleive need to be addressed
>  in a public forum are
>  serious allegations of misshandling in the names have been raised
>  by others on this list and the oz-isp list and ignored by the adminstrator.
>  public discussion of suitable standards for registrars is called for.
>  I have raised concerns regarding the "white australia" dns policy with,
>  these should be addressed with public input. so far not a single reply.
>  a registrar should be value adding to justify charging for its services.
>  to describe  the "any colour so long as its black" policy as
>  value adding is doublespeak. restrictions of choice are value subtracting
>  in any ones language. there clearly is an issue regarding the value
>  of the "add" that registrars should be providing. this should
>  be addressed in a public forum.
>  a client of mine was force to when applying for a domain to
>  accept a domain this seems to be directly opposite t
>  the policy which specifically bans regional domain names. given
>  the .au adminstrator has stated that new registrars in his opinion must
>  adhere to his policy.  there needs some public clarificiation as to why
>  certain registrars are currently exempt. We can call this the ban
>  on "green domains" within the name space. clearly the issue of
>  "green domains" needs public discussion.
>  personally I wish to discuss face to face with the policy keepers the rejection
>  of a clients application for (Dart Internet p/l). client has
>  stipulated that are unacceptable.
>  and for an internet address is a farce. I wish
>  to begin proceedings to overthrow MITs rejection. 
>  finally I have been informed, correct me if this is wrong that MIT is sitting
>  on a surplus of AUD3m. this money could be well spent in certain not-for-profit
>  projects/ideas I have in improving the dns system in australia. this would
>  be a welcome use for the money by (again correct me if I am wrong) government
>  owned organsition for the good of the public. obviously these issues
>  are best discusssed in a public forum.
>  Vic

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