Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 15:17:27 +1000
>> This is an formal request from the Public, as requested by Michael Malone
>> and resigned Director Stephen Baxter, to submit a list of names of people
>> approriate to represent and assist the development of ADNA that will not be
>> challenged in a manner that conflicts with the interests of ADNA and it's
>> objectives.
>what do these people know about DNS??????????????

Woah, hang on Vic, don't get excited yet.

Some know a little, some know what it's used for some know that a URL get's
ther to a location thus it must be valuable.

SOme are connected to Internet, most of those proposed in this round have
connections either permanent or dialup through and ISP.

Now the point is not so much what they know about DNS, but what they know
about COmmunity and/or business.

Currently ADNA is ISP heavy, it has NO community input and no way for the
USERS to voice their comments and opinions.

But weighting the ADNA board 50/50 ISP's/Community there is a clear balance
of interests.

Mixing that Community section with partial business/commerce people and a
few user level people you have a good balance of common and business sense.

That leaves the ISP's to drive the Technical side of things and the
Community to drive the Consumer needs.

If ADNA wishes to hold it's claim that it's fair for ALL AUSTRALIANS than
it must clearly represent them all in whatever way is possible.

Currently only ISP's or Commercial DNS interests are represented and no one
represents the common user.

You can't represent the user and a commercial interest at the same time,
because  you wish to make money from the user, therefore your first goal is
to make sure the user pays you money.

I haven't made any suggestion as to whether any of these people will accept
or even be the remotest bit interested, they are just the first half dozen
we thought might be useful.  Don't underestimate any of them.  Their
talents, credability, community and commercial reach far exceeds in almost
all cases that of any one member of ADNA.

How many ISP's have had Dinner with the Govener General?

How many ISP's have been elected as community leaders for international

Lets go one step at a time.

Someone from ADNA now needs to either contact these people and ask if they
are interested and explain ADNA to them, or give me authority to do same.

If ADNA does NOTHING, then it's clear ADNA is only being driven for the
commercial interests of it's members which means it's breaking - clearly
it's MOA which is a clear violation of the Corporations Law and the ASC
will then become involed.

So, I've carried out the initial request from Mr. Baxter and Mr. Malone,
now it's up to ADNA to start their bit.

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