Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 15:30:00 +1000
See people, th eproblme is not that I can do what I say, it's that they
can't act on their side of the deal.  These ADNA menbers and associates are
so scared, first they tell me I'm grand standing, so I produce the start of
a list of possible's, then they tell me I'm a git (whatever that is) and
that I'm wasting time.

They called for the list - now they have it, they are boxed into a corner.
To ACT upon the list or not.  If they do, they might loose power, if they
don't they admit their guilt.  (http://sheesh ER-thanks for the tip! It
hurt right where they didn't expect.)

>> After this list has been scrutinised by ADNA, I'll forward the next list
>> and so on, until such time as ADNA has an equal balance of Internet and NON
>> Internet people on the Board.
>I haven't commented until now, but I'm finally disgusted enough to
>stick my oar in.

Ahh here we go.

>Mr Todd: You're a pompous git. Worse, you're an time wasting willfully
>ignorant pompous git.

If you can't debate on impersonal grounds start tossing names.

I would have suspected by now, you would know that sticks and stones may
break my poor weak bones, but names will never hurt me.  I've been called
far worse and then been publicly appologised to.

>This list of people is worse than useless.

Can you define why that is so?  Do you know any of them?

>You have not:
>	a) given any reason why they would be interested.

I think the column "status" clearly indicates something of value.

>	b) given any cause as to their qualifications.

I think the column "status" starts to indicate this.  Again I can't really
publish anything because I haven't been given authority fro mADNA to
approach and ask them for their expression of interest or to publish their

Drop it Fast Michael, your comments are totally invalid.

>	c) given any indication that they would be capable of
>		understanding the issues in a useful time period.

Again, I stated before that producing a list without being authorised to
qualify those who might be interested would not add much value at this time.

I can't answer that either, however you can call them and ask them.

>	d) done anything other than grandstand and waste time.

Not at all.  I was asked to produce, thus I did.  Don't tell me now I've
produced the start of a qualified list, I still haven't added.

I've carried out EXACTLY to the LETTER what Michael Malone and Stephen
Baxter asked.  If this is the quality of ADNA and it's members then no
wonder better representation needs to be enlisted.

I'd also be VERY VERY careful what you say about these people, they may
take serious offence and YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO they are.  You have already
indicated that by stateing you have no idea what their qualifications are.

But I'm sure I don't need to warn you about making defamitory claims about
people who are not present in a conversation IN A PUBLIC LIST.

>> The goal is to find people who have the ability to clealry show they are
>> not in any way conflicting with the interests of a Company or organisaiton
>> that has interests in the Development or Profits of Internet Commerce.
>Wilfully ignorant. Why not just wander down to your local CES and pick
>the first 5 people you see at random. Will the people you get be

Because I know the first five people wouldn't even qualify to be employed
by me.

>different in any meaningful way? Have you done anything other than
>throw darts at a phone book?

You have to be kidding. You aren't serious?

I take serious objection to that statement and expect as much you will
appoligise for making such an accusation.

>The object is not to make sure that half the board is ignorant of the
>issues, and has no interest in learning about them. The goal is a

I totally agree. But you have given me NO WAY TO ask these peopel if they
are interested.  I can't approach them with interest in ADNA because I'm
not involved with ADNA.

>useful framework for the management of the .au space. Could you
>explain exactly how your actions thus far advance the goal?

Michael, start RE-READING allthe mail from the last week and see if you can
summaries it.

I'll give you the opportunity to do this before I start educating you.

>As far as I can see, you haven't even managed to get the point of
>understanding what a conflict of interest actually _is_. Owning a

You have to be kidding.

>for-profit company does not a conflict of interest automatically
>make. Especially when the interests of the company, and the interests
>of ADNA co-incide in so many ways.

Co-incide is enough of a CONFLICT OF INTEREST for me.  Parlimentarians have
resigned for less.

>> My name is not to be used as a referance at during contact as I have
>> not
>Somehow, I'm not suprised. Not too big on responsibility are
>you? Actually, not too big on anything other than grandstanding and

Invalid interpretation.  I have not asked any of these poeple if they would
like their names submitted to ADNA for interview.  Therefore I do not want
ADNA or any person connected with ADNA or any of it's member associations
using my name to contact these people.

You guys think you can do it alone, go do it.

If you want my help, then give me authority to discuss ADNA with these
people and more people, and I'll go and do that.

I pulled and compromised on my standing, now it's time for you to
compromise and come to the negotiating table.

Lets not stop now we have come so far.  To do so will only cause a war to
be wagered, and the casualties seem to look pretty high to me.
Corporations Law breaches are pretty serious.  Especially where this kind
of representation is concerned.

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