Re: DNS: grrrrrr

Re: DNS: grrrrrr

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 17:09:50 +1000
>> See people, th eproblme is not that I can do what I say, it's that they
>> can't act on their side of the deal.  These ADNA menbers and associates are
>> so scared, first they tell me I'm grand standing, so I produce the start of
>> a list of possible's, then they tell me I'm a git (whatever that is) and
>> that I'm wasting time.
>adam, I thought I went on, I am here to reform dns! can we just
>cut to the quick what is it you want in one paragraph?

On that issue, I notice Michael O'Riely has no respect for Danny Ng from
Bay Networks.  I'll forward a copy of my list and Michael comments to
Danny.  I'm sure he will be keen to hear this.

ON the question you put forward Vic, to reform DNS one has to have a view
that is unbiased and benefits EVERYONE.

You can't change the laws and rules to suit yourself.  What about the guy
next door?  Doesn't his voice also count?  Or are we really in a
Dicatorship here?

The rule is simple.  ISP's do not best represent the Internet Community.

In fact Michael O'Riely and yourself have proven this.  The list of names I
submitted are ALL internet Users or have had exposure to INternet.


They are the users.  Don't *WE* want to hear what they ahve to say?  

Or are we just telling them what WE want to do to them?

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