Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 17:12:29 +1000
>> Currently ADNA is ISP heavy, it has NO community input and no way 
>> for the USERS to voice their comments and opinions.
> [....]
>> Currently only ISP's or Commercial DNS interests are represented
>> and no one represents the common user.
> maybe im wrong but I thought that ISOC-AU was trying to represent
> the common user at ADNA. 

First Questions.  Does the ISOC representative to ADNA have Directorship or
shareholding in an ISP?

If so, then the person is clealry not unbiased.  There will always be in
the back of that persons mind "What's in it for me."

I'm happy for people to prove otherwise, but certainly Stephen Baxters
"immediate resignation" following James Austins question is a clear
indication the Fire got too hot.

I don't belive ISOC represents the USERS at all, I for one and mot a
member, nor anyone person or user I know.

Certainly the credible list of people of people I submitted have no
affiliation or membership with ISOC, yet all are Internet Users with email

So how can ISOC afirm it represents the user?

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