From: Stephen Gillies <max§max.net.au>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 17:37:18 +1000
> I don't belive ISOC represents the USERS at all, I for one
> and mot a member, nor anyone person or user I know.
> Certainly the credible list of people of people I submitted 
> have no affiliation or membership with ISOC, yet all are Internet 
> Users with email addresses.
> So how can ISOC afirm it represents the user?

 I must admit it's difficult to represent all users (well, the ones
 you know anyway) unless they join the association. Not that
 I'm saying everyone on the plaNet should join ISOC. It may not
 be for everyone.

 But it's there for Australian internet users to join. You get a
 newsletter, your email address on a mailing list, the chance to
 join in whereever you want to and a mag from ISOC in the states
 which gives you an idea of what's happening globally.

 I like the idea of everyone joining an association instead of
 everyone becomming board members of ADNA though.


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