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Date: Tue, 03 Mar 1998 10:50:03 +1000
>> I don't belive ISOC represents the USERS at all, I for one
>> and mot a member, nor anyone person or user I know.
>> So how can ISOC afirm it represents the user?
> I must admit it's difficult to represent all users (well, the ones

So totally well stated.

> you know anyway) unless they join the association. Not that

This is very very true.  But if the majority of users are not members, then
the ISOC does not have even a majority representation.

> I'm saying everyone on the plaNet should join ISOC. It may not
> be for everyone.

This is very true.  I certainly won't be joinging any ISOC chapter after
the damage that has been done to ISOC and it's inability to coordinate
itself and make statements on other chapters behalf.

I like a credible organisaiton not one that says "Hi I'm Mr. ISOC
International and all the ISOC's of the world are totally behind me" when I
find out the AU Chapter doesn't even know what's going on.

That's one down and how many to go?  Obviously this stems itself down the

> But it's there for Australian internet users to join. You get a

If they wish.  Many don't.

> newsletter, your email address on a mailing list, the chance to
> join in whereever you want to and a mag from ISOC in the states
> which gives you an idea of what's happening globally.

Except for the things the US side say AU backs them on without first asking

> I like the idea of everyone joining an association instead of
> everyone becomming board members of ADNA though.

Yes, I do agree, but clearly to date we have a few too many associations
with all the same people in them.

Research conducted by my research team, just viewing Web Sites for ADNA,
INTIAA, AIA, IIA, WAIA, SAIA etc shows that the same people are members or
present at all the various meetings.

If these people have less than (say) 19% representation, who on earth do
they think they are?

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