From: Kate Lance <clance§>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 13:44:16 +1100 (EST)
> This is very very true.  But if the majority of users are not members, then
> the ISOC does not have even a majority representation.

ISOC-AU is an organisation that is for users to join with other users
in order to present their concerns as a group.  It does not claim to
contain a majority of users, it simply represents those users who've
joined it.  Users who don't want to belong are welcome to join other
organisations, set up their own, or do nothing.

> I like a credible organisaiton not one that says "Hi I'm Mr. ISOC
> International and all the ISOC's of the world are totally behind me" when I
> find out the AU Chapter doesn't even know what's going on.
> Except for the things the US side say AU backs them on without first asking
> AU.

And what things would these be?

Kate Lance
Director, ISOC-AU
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