Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

From: James Austin <jea§>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 17:48:04 +1000
To an extend Yes they do.

James Austin

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From: Tom Minchin <tom&#167;>
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Date: Tuesday, 3 March 1998 9:40
Subject: Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

>James Austin said:
>> I simply want the board of ADNA, that is everyone of them to state
>> reservation that they will not be involved in any way in Domain name
>> registration as a registrar at any stage now or in the immediate future.
>> This seems simple enough to put the conflict of interest thing to bed.
>Do similar organisations within Real Estate, Motor Traders, Legal etc have
>the same restrictions?
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