DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

From: Adam Todd <at§ah.net>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 13:43:55 +1000
Dear ADNA Board,

This is an formal request from the Public, as requested by Michael Malone
and resigned Director Stephen Baxter, to submit a list of names of people
approriate to represent and assist the development of ADNA that will not be
challenged in a manner that conflicts with the interests of ADNA and it's

Name			Location		Status
Ms. Gillian Polack	Canberra		Listed in the Whos Who of Women

Ms. Julie Morrison	Sydney			Pharacutical R&D

Mr. Terry Herfort	Sydney			Chamber of Commerce
						Local Business
						Pharmacy, JP ...

Ms. Marina Voncina	NSW			Mayor, Solicitor (Family Law)

Mr. John DellaVedova	Canberra		Accountant BEc, F.C.A

Mr. Lian Chang	Sydney			Accountant (Banking Industry)

Mr. Danny Ng		Sydney			Bay Networks

Ms. Ellen Rony	USA			Domain Name Handbook

Mr. David Wright	Canberra		ACCC

Mr. David Jackson Grose	Sydney		Telemarketing, Business

Ms. Pollyanna Doyal	Sydney			High School Teacher 

This list consists of people I have not approached and is by no means
conclusive.  It is the first list of people whom might be found suitable.

After this list has been scrutinised by ADNA, I'll forward the next list
and so on, until such time as ADNA has an equal balance of Internet and NON
Internet people on the Board.

The goal is to find people who have the ability to clealry show they are
not in any way conflicting with the interests of a Company or organisaiton
that has interests in the Development or Profits of Internet Commerce.

I can not provide any details as to whether these people will have time, or
even accept a phone call from an ADNA member to discuss these matters.

My name is not to be used as a referance at during contact as I have not
previously discussed this with the people, especially as I have no
authority to approach these people on behalf of, or for ADNA.

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