Re: DNS: Role of ACA in Internet DNA

Re: DNS: Role of ACA in Internet DNA

From: Clive <clive§>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 09:59:25 +1100

Thnank yoou for your email. Our response is as follows

1. We have not heard that the ACA have "...assumed regulatory control of
Internet Domain Name Administration..." I this were the case we would be
the first to know about it and we would certainly have been party to the
preliminary discussions.

2. Given that the ACA do not have control I am uncertain as to the nature
of your research. If you can advise on what the research is that you are
doing I would be more than happy to assist ( obviously within the
guidelines of Melbourne IT )

Thanks again. Look forward to hearing from you

Clive Flory Bureau Manager

At 21:57 10/03/98 +1100, you wrote:
>As part of my course at the University of Technology Sydney, I have been
>asked to undertake a research assignment on the subject of internet
>commerce, part of which deals with the administration of domain names
>within Australia.
>What I am specifically interested in, is the current role of the Australian
>Communications Authority.  It is in this area that I have some questions to
>which I have not been able to find adequate answers.  Because your group is
>highly involved in this issue, I though you may be able to help me in this
>*Is it correct that as of 1 July 1997, the ACA assumed regulatory control
>of Internet Domain Name Administration within Australia?
>*What guidelines/regulations have the ACA released (if any) that affect the
>Internet DNA?
>I would be most grateful for any help you can provide, or pointers to
>suitable resources or contacts (especially within the ACA).
>Thanks and best regards,
>Andrew Pollard - ajpollar&#167;
>School of Computing Sciences
>University of Technology, Sydney
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