Re: DNS: Role of ACA in Internet DNA

Re: DNS: Role of ACA in Internet DNA

From: Luke Carruthers <luke§>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 10:15:07 +1000
>As part of my course at the University of Technology Sydney, I have been
>asked to undertake a research assignment on the subject of internet
>commerce, part of which deals with the administration of domain names
>within Australia.
>What I am specifically interested in, is the current role of the Australian
>Communications Authority.  It is in this area that I have some questions to
>which I have not been able to find adequate answers.  Because your group is
>highly involved in this issue, I though you may be able to help me in this
>*Is it correct that as of 1 July 1997, the ACA assumed regulatory control
>of Internet Domain Name Administration within Australia?
>*What guidelines/regulations have the ACA released (if any) that affect the
>Internet DNA?
>I would be most grateful for any help you can provide, or pointers to
>suitable resources or contacts (especially within the ACA).


The ACA has no formal role at this stage in the management of the DNS in
Australia.  They do have a reserve power to declare a manager of electronic
addressing, which would seem to include the DNS, but they have not
intimated that they will use this unless they don't see the self-regulation
process working, as is the case with most reserve powers.  


Luke Carruthers
Acting Chair
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