Re: DNS: Re: Response to the US Green Paper on domain names

Re: DNS: Re: Response to the US Green Paper on domain names

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 23:09:01 +1000
I'm not going to critique the whole submission, needless to say I've had
information that indicates Email type Submissions (not atteched
documents)will be considered as informal information.

On the point below in particular I only have one comment to make:

>>As a final point, it is the strong recommendation of the Australian
>>industry that wider international consultation must be carried out before
>>the implementation of any process that has such a great effect upon
>>international industry.

Where have you guys been?  

Seriously.  You missed the NOI last year and didn't make a fuss.  The Green
paper is a comment-reply to the NOI from last year.

I at least made a fuss at the time - NON US CITIZENS were not permitted to
directly repsond.  My complaints were heard by the Secretary to the
president (yes I'm serious here - you might think me a a twit or whatever
else you call me, but thansk to people like me yu got the chance to speak
this time) who indicated that International Interest must also now be

We did however manage input through a number of affiliated US companies and
associates, so all did not go to waste.

>>It is too important an issue to be decided
>>upon without the full involvement of industries in all countries that make
>>up the electronic marketplace.

You also missed the key point of the GP.  The USG doesn't want to let go of
anything that generates revenue in US$.  Domain Names clealry generate
considerable revenue and they are well aware that a percentage of names
registered are international.  That's revenue IN.

Anything that brings people closer to the USA is a good thing, but on the
same token, they don't wish to come acorss as dominant or over powerful.

So, by pushing hard on the International framework, your really only
telling them the IAHC process is good.

The IAHC process goes completely against the entire USA and Australian
Fundamentals of Business, Commerce and Competition.  (I won't go into the
fact that the IAHC is under US Federal Investigation and the ACCC is also
examining this as most AU CORE members already know.)

The balance wasn't struck, at least I felt it wasn't.  It is a tricky
document and having over two months to read it, i guess some of us had a
significant head start.  Trying to roll it over in a day just didn't do the
IIA any justice.

As many of you are aware (I've been watching my logs) we submitted a very
lengthy document.  I belive it's the Number 2 prize winner for response
content and length.  The longest to my knowledge was submitted by Karl
Auerbach, whom some of you will know. (Karl is also an AURSC
supporter/user, and is currently building part of Interop in the US.)

I should also meniton that the claim about ADNA being the body charged with
restructuring DNS in AUstralia didn't and won't go down too well.  ADNA is
seen, by often it's own admission, to be much like CORE. Considering the
last ADNA minutes fairly well adopt the CORE selection and fee structure,
many DNS leaders in the United States have really dropped a lot of interest
in Australia.

I guess there are two options. ADNA will continue and might gain some kind
of control, certainly not in line with the GP, to which AURSC will compete
heavily with.  We might see a few legal battles, a Trade Practises action
or two and eventually some kind of resolution.

The other being that most people will just choose their objective and
ignore quietly the opponent.  Although judging by past history and the
Australian Attitude and the money hungry behaviour of various people, this
is unlikely.

Anyway, I'm allowed to put forward my comments and opinions, and have done
so. Lets see what eventuates and hope that it's within the interests of the
global Internet community rather than a geographically bound restrictive

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republication of comments, without written consent.
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