Re: DNS: Multiple Registrars in,,

Re: DNS: Multiple Registrars in,,

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 20:49:43 +1000
>there are 2 reasons I ran for IIA directorship, one is the dns, the other is
>now we are told that if you want to do something about the dns join an org
>like IIA, well I have done that, and not only that I am a director of IIA.
>and still I seem to be kept out of the dns policy process. so if I cant into

Guess that's why I didn't join IIA.  Proves my point perfectly doesn't it.

>the process by the front door, then I will get into it by the back door.

If Coca Cola took three weeks to deliver product to your shop, would you
continue to purchase the product knowing that it wasn't going to arrive and
you'd have no drinks to serve your customers?

I think not.  You would quickly change to Pepsi and tell the customers that
Coke couldn't deliver their product. (Hopefully Coke will NEVER do this! I
really HATE PEPSI!  Especially places that serve me PEPSI when I
specifically order Coca Cola. Grrrr.)

>one of the goals of DNR, is to participate and bring some sanity into the
>space policies and remove the frustration from the dns. that means 30 minute

I wasn't aware this was the case.  I though it was to allow people to see
names under the existing if slightly modified by concensus (who's concensus
still shows) to the public.  Assuming one wants to "sell."

>its the end user who will benefit, and if DNR makes money out of it, well I
>hate to break it to you guys but thats socially acceptable. perhaps I can
>recomend some communes in Nimbin if you want to opt out of the economic

I've never been against sale of Domain Names.  I've always stated the
prices are TOO HIGH.  But have learnt sometimes a product price needs to be
high to attract a market to it.

Vic, if your unhappy with AU, try using AUS.  Same thing, same network,
same TCP/IP, same software.

This begins with YOU.  Not ADNA, not Geoff, not anyone else.  It starts
with YOU the ISP using it.

Funny how the most vocally against COM.AU (etc) are the ones who aren't
taking the initiative to use AURSC.  I now count over 6000 ISP's of which
80 are Australian, using AURSC every day.

80 is roughly 18% of the ISP market in Australia.  It's been live now
officlaly since February.  to obtain 18% of the market in 4 months isn't
exactly what I call a bad thing.  Growth is around 12% a week globally.

>The threat of competion is already forcing MIT to get its act into gear,
>and when real competion arrives will see the policies sort themselves out
>quick smart as the registrars bear the brunt of end user disatisfaction. 

Bugger MIT.  Why sell the same product that someone else does under the
same rules when you can sell a better product that YOU HAVE INPUT into?

Assuming you want to SELL it.

>home) through its PISP program, making ISPs the coal face of consumer
>discontent. well that too is going to stop.

PISP in it's own way is Competition.  It's just that MIT makes 100% profit
as it currently stands.

(Or please corret me if MIT actually pays the AVCC for the hosting of the
COM.AU zone file.)

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