Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 20:58:24 +1000
>There are two bodies which could conceivably grant licenses in
>in the foreseeable future.  One is Robert Elz, the other is ADNA.


ADNA has no conceivable power at all.

The power of any such decision stands soley with Robert Elz.

Please, lets not make ADNA and authority for something it isn't.  If this
isn't right, I hope Robert will make the approriate statement.  I sure
haven't been led to beleive that ADNA is AUTHORITIVE for ANYTHING, other
than itself.

>The things which ADNA would need to do to obtain the power to grant
>registrar license and their progress to date in doing so has been covered
>in this list already.

No it hasn't.  Not at all.

The first thing to to knock Robert Elz out of control.  I dont see that
happening in a hurry, unless ADNA has a damn good Lawyer and is prepared to
take the matter to the Federal Court.  If you want a case file, let me
know, it's currently open.

>Robert Elz currently has the power to grant non-exclusive 
>registrar licenses (subject to his discretion and judgement).

Robert Elz has the power to do what he likes with .AU, including dismiss
MIT if so desired (although this is unlikely) or even shut down AU forever.
 or let everyone have a free for all.

It's his choice.  No one has given him "power" under any law.  His "power"
is a legacy of pre 1997 Telecommunications ACT.

>If you want to convince kre, I expect you would need to show capability
>to successfully run a registrar, at least from a technical point of view,
>and an ability to understand the naming policy of and be prepared
>to uphold/implement it.

This has no effect.  It's been shown hundreds of times over the last 24
months and the answer constantly comes back as "No there is no SRS software
suitable for use".  I've asked for specification (I can pull my email if
you like) and received no reply.

Currently the only option is a Federal Court Trade Practises Act Part 6

Anyone want to join in?  

>Perhaps you could start by building up some demonstrable experience in
>running a domain name registrar for a smaller domain (think of it as
>something to put on the corporate CV, and an investment for the future).

Gosh.  I alone have been doing this - including WEb Interface, SQL server
and User manipulation, Automatic registration, Australi Post billing and
payments and then some more for the last 2 years.

Where have you been?

>In particular, Michael Malone recently called for EOIs to act as (non-
>exclusive) registrars within

And only 9 people jumped in.  Pretty sad really, but enough for Michael to
prove his point - and his software.

>You might also be able to become
>a (co)registrar for a * domain (see for background), 
>but I can't give you any concrete suggestions on how to go about that
>at the minute.

I wouldn't waste my time. It's more a hackers and aliases domain, not
truely seriously used and would be called into question under
Telecommuncaitions Act in the possible long term.  For now, no one cares.
Until an "untraceable" crime is committed.

>Or you could apply to be a registrar for a gtld (,

Yes sure, pay your $10,000 non refundable fee to a group of people so they
can fly around the world and not set up a server.  I'll beleive more in the
gTLD process when I see a zone file on the Internet.

>if the US Government hasn't stomped on that.  Their policy (basically

Fairly stomped on to be honest.  It has more opposition than favouritism
and there is more support for the assiciated and affiliated Alternate Root
Servers collectively than the gTLD.

>open slather) might suit you (Vic) better anyway.

And lottery based.  Totally illegal in Australia under our lotteries laws.

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