DNS: At what time will people See their actions?

DNS: At what time will people See their actions?

From: Adam Todd <at§ah.net>
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 21:05:21 +1000
I was just talking to my wife about the last few messages.

I suddenly realised that there is a BIG problem.

ISPs and others want to be registrars under COM.AU or NET.AU because that's
where the focus of attention is.  That's where the current market see sit's
names - although I must admit, there are more NON AU names sold now than
previously, taking business away from MIT and CCA.

At what stage will the people who are complaining loudest about the DNS
Monopolies realise that all they are doing is fueling their competitors to
hold stronger and release slower?

We wanted another Telco so we could have a choice in AU.  So Optus came in.
 Lot of good that did.  STD prices have only gone down the same rate in
which they had in the previus 15 years anyway (pre 1991 to post 1991).

Then Local calls went UP, not down.  Impressive to say the least.  Then
Telstra wanted Timed local calls.  

When people wake up and either support competition or find ways to provide
products to consumers that avoid the competition then the Monopolies will
listen - or wake up - or even cooperate.

Until then, you can scream as much as you like.

They are making the money and you are not.

They are more fincial and you are not.

They can stomp on you and you can not.

It's no wonder AUS names are selling so well.  I call again for anyone who
is not satisfied with COM.AU and NET.AU to WAKE UP and find an ALTERNATIVE.

Nice word that ALTERNATIVE.  You can spend all your time trying to PUSH for
an ALTERNATIVE to the monopoly, or create a new environment.

Your choice.  But really, I'm getting sick of this "Robert Elz, MIT"
business with the occasional slang at Geoff Huston and sometimes someone
remembers Connect Com Au has NET.AU and tosses that in.

If you want to make a differnce and promote something that WILL take the
REVENUE out of those monopolies and give you an advantage, then speak to me
privately and I'll help you with any resource I have available.

If you just want to spend the next 2 years slanging around hoping someone
will hand something to you on a plate, then please - continue and I'll
watch and grow till I'm also a monopoly, which is EXACTLY what *I* don't
want to be.

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