Re: DNS: Multiple Registrars in,,

Re: DNS: Multiple Registrars in,,

From: <vicc§>
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 08:54:52 +1000 (EST)
>_From: Geoff Huston
> At 21:01 12/05/98 +1000, vicc&#167; wrote:
> >>_From: Glen Turner
> >> 
> >> It seems a shame to let the commercial-domain diseases
> >> spread to other domains.
> >
> >I hate to say this but somebody has to, its people like you that
> >make the dns a frustrating experience for the end user. and that
> >should be kept well away from the dns.  
> Thats right - naughty Glenn. Fancy attempting to hide an exploitable
> DNS niche from the all seeing laptops of Domain Name Registry P/L.
> tsssk tsssk :-)
> I hated saying that, but somebody had to!
>   Geoff
> (You see its not really about the end user at all  - its about money
>  and commercial exploitation of the DNS isn't it? Or am I in the
>  wrong mailing list to be brutally honest? :-))

Ill put on my IIA hat now. as an ISP, I see the end result of the dns policy
and attitudes. and quite frankly it sux. we see endless customers struggling
with the dns name space policies some of which are not even written anywhere
until the reject slip arrives in there mailboxes.

we see countless reasonable requests for domains rejected for unreasonable reasons.
most of which boil down to aesthetics.  thats unacpetable. ISPs are tryin gto run
businesses, end users are trying to run businesses. the delays are unacepatble,
the uncertainty is unaceptable. the inabiligty to register prefered names is
unacapetable. and it all adds up to one word: frustration.

there are 2 reasons I ran for IIA directorship, one is the dns, the other is
Telstra abuse of small ISPs, (sorry Geoff you seem to be there on both counts).
you want to throw stones at commerical exploitation, I suggest you look
around your own work place.

now we are told that if you want to do something about the dns join an org
like IIA, well I have done that, and not only that I am a director of IIA.
and still I seem to be kept out of the dns policy process. so if I cant into
the process by the front door, then I will get into it by the back door.

one of the goals of DNR, is to participate and bring some sanity into the name
space policies and remove the frustration from the dns. that means 30 minute
domain names, and guaranteed results with black and white policies, preferably 
first come first served. if you call that commercial exploitation then thats fine.
its the end user who will benefit, and if DNR makes money out of it, well I hate
to break it to you guys but thats socially acceptable. perhaps I can recomend some
communes in Nimbin if you want to opt out of the economic process.

The threat of competion is already forcing MIT to get its act into gear, and when
real competion arrives will see the policies sort themselves out quick smart as the 
registrars bear the brunt of end user disatisfaction. currently mIT hides
itself from the end user, (although I hear they still manage to get their points
home) through its PISP program, making ISPs the coal face of consumer discontent.
well that too is going to stop.

Vic Cinc
wearing lots of hats.
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