Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 12:19:43 +1000
>>Imagine if we only had Model T Fords ...
>I can imagine that.  OK I'll need a road map to know where I'm going.
>Unfortunately  every service station I go to hasn't got a roadmap to .AUS
>and indeed they don't understand where it is. They can only give me .AU

Bit like me trying to find a new suburb in Sydney last month.  My street
director is only 2 years old.  

But knowing roughly where it was I found the new suburb and then without a
roadmap at all, I actually found the address.

>If I'm lucky enough to find one that stocks .AUS I may well find the new
>outer suburbs listed are rather short on interesting things to visit. I

I doubt that at all.  It's amazing.  Most places work very hard in the
tourism area.  No doubt so does anyone involved with a web site, no matter
what the address.

Hmm, wonder if you have as much difficulty finding a Trunk Radio number?

>might also lack the petrol to get to the next service station - but I'm
>stretching the analogy too far.

Yes, just a little. There are always things I can toss back that show you
either lack the innitiative, imagination or ability to find what you are
looking for.

>Lacking a great deal of technical knowledge what are the engineering
>advantages/disadvantages of have a few or many sub-domains at a given level?

Nothing.  There are no technical issues.  Only human greed and management
issues.  I'm serious.

Originally a domain names was suppose to be a way to remember the IP number
instead of the number itself.  It was easier for docile humans to remember
a name, than a number.  Still is.

Called 13FILM recently?  or 13FIND ?

Neither really pushes 134567 or 13(find??)

People LEARN to adapt to systems that either make life eaiser, or provide
them with the resources they need.

Gosh imagine if everyone adopted the attitude that a 13 number just wasn't
the same as a FULL number?

Oh what baout 1800 numbers.  They aren't real either?

So analogies MUST stop.  They prove little, as people keep telling me.
There is only one analogy to use.

dig .AUS SOA &#167;

Or of course I could provide you with a list of DNS servers around the
world that all use AURSC, but I don't think I'll waste the bandwidth.

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