Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 12:23:51 +1000
>>I wouldn't waste my time. It's more a hackers and aliases domain, not
>>truely seriously used and would be called into question under
>>Telecommuncaitions Act in the possible long term.  For now, no one cares.
>>Until an "untraceable" crime is committed.
>Hang on there a bit. I think the internet is about people and communication
>between them.


>In the long term domains like * are going to be more
>significant that the fol de rol that happens in the commercial spaces which
>after all is just a subset of the total society.

I don't think will hold any significance.  I'm not adverse to the
concept. I just don't feel the community will head in that direction.

.PER is a classic example.  It's growth rate in the USA is astounding.
Individuals prefer the balance of a PERsonal domain name for themselves.

>Also while my Librarian collegues might think of me as a "hacker" many of
>you will know that my skills are rudimentary at best. I have set up
>  partly for my own education but more as a
>demonstration that simple, easy to use public domain and shareware
>software, can let anybody have a full network presence down a phone line.
>Its a Mac ;^)

Yep, that's a great example.  But what do you pay for your ID.AU name?

>As for "untraceable" I would have though the IP number pins hosts down far
>more that whatever name the DNS maps to it.

Ahh.  But you could modify your DNS table to assing the host name to a
Dynamic IP address provided by some ISP, who's access account you have
"stolen" from a friend, work college, company etc.  Then do your nastyness
from that location, later reverting your DNS back to normal.

Lets say I set all the TTLS in my zone file to 5 minutes.  My hacking
attempt took 25 minutes.  No problem on the 31st minute my "normal" zone
file reappears around the world and is totally deniable.

If in doubt, point finger at DOMAIN SERVER HACKING - plenty of examples
around and deny any action at all.

Gosh - so hard to do.  Want an example?

>Gee and to think that I kept off this list until now because I thought it
>would be boring!

Never boring Tony, never :)

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