Re: Domain space for humans not corporations. was Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

Re: Domain space for humans not corporations. was Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 13:37:41 +1000
>>.PER is a classic example.  It's growth rate in the USA is astounding.
>>Individuals prefer the balance of a PERsonal domain name for themselves.
>I havn't looked at PER but what I was getting at was that each person will

You haven't looked at PER, yet your preapred to make comments about FAKE
DNS and other things.  I can't believe you woudl be so bold.  So uneducated
and so unresearched.

>have their own internet space and the number of such "spaces" will quite
>outweigh those of corporate bodies. What they are called is a detail as
>long as people can control their own domain . Hmm..
>light.fridge.tony-barry.etc :-)

Tony, it's a really NICE idea, but someone has to globally control the
highest possible level or no one will know where to get the information
about lower level domains from.

>>Yep, that's a great example.  But what do you pay for your ID.AU name?
>Nothing at the moment. But I do not need the level of support and
>reliability that a huge corporate body needs.

I've sold over 5000 domain names. I have over 10,000 registered to my
servers.  I spend next to NO TIME supporting these names, the only cost if
Traffic and upgrades to the servers.  If they want support they pay a
consulting fee.

I'm sure MIT don't go round building zone files for domain name holders.

>I expect the level of support
>I would have got in the early days of the phone on a party line and  I
>REMEMBER party lines. If and when I need something better I'll pay for it.

Problem is your not paying for it.  And nor is MIT.

>>Ahh.  But you could modify your DNS table to assing the host name to a
>>Dynamic IP address provided by some ISP, who's access account you have
>>"stolen" from a friend, work college, company etc.  Then do your nastyness
>>from that location, later reverting your DNS back to normal.
>As I pointed out I'm not a techo.

Yes you did.  And in such case, if you don't need DN support, then why is a
corporate who will obviously EMPLPLOY very Technical people or consultants
like me?

>The capability to knock down doors does
>not imply the wish to do so and certainly does not imply an ability to pick

I'm not sure what you mean.  But I'm sure I want you to explain.  Please.

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