Re: DNS: Re: Trademarks and Categories

Re: DNS: Re: Trademarks and Categories

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 22:36:30 +1000

>Why not an alpha mnemonic 3LD for 
>       (telecom being a specific TM division)
>  (restuarant being another)

I doubt it.

>    (etc.)

This is great.  Almost.

>             (Coca Cola is happy)

Probably not.  They have a number of Trademarks.		CocaCola is happier ... etc

>           (BHP might be happy if it has the tm)
>             (just kiddin')

>I s'pose this implies there will be about 1000 or so
>3LD's for ... but at least with a tiny guess, you
>can locate any trademarked domain in 

Again, far too many people are talking about trademarks without a knowledge
or understanding of how and what they are.  Other than the fact that are
some kind of Name Protection or Icon preotection.

Trademarks are a little more detailed and less generic than can be put into

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