Re: DNS: Which are the core things that matter?

Re: DNS: Which are the core things that matter?

From: Tony Barry <tony§>
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 22:44:11 +1000
At 1:32 PM 1998/05/20, Adam Todd wrote:
>>Errr.. I looked at but couldn't see what the name
>>of the DNS server might be.
>DNS server?  AURSC doesn't run a "DN Server" it runs a ROOT SERVER.
>Tony do you know how to Navigate a web site?

Well yes.

>Try reading the section on "Connecting to AURSC"
>It's very clear, over 10,000 locations have read and carried the
>instructions out.

I did.

It said - "MacIntosh (Coming Soon - SOMEONE HELP!)" so I went no further.

In response to your most recent email I persevered and looked again.

Well I guessed (being a librarian and not very technical) that you were
offering an alternate DNS  server that would point back at the existing
servers so that the planet wouldn't get too lost so I looked up the unix
instructions and found I should point the Mac TCP/IP at  and as the DNS servers which MacTCP Watcher tells me are and

But I though why should I?  I'll be pointing at DNS servers run goodness
knows where rather than by my trusted local ISP who I can hassle if they go
down; I get an extra bit of latency every time I do a lookup; and I know of
no sites I want to access that I can't now.  Besides that I have this
terrible feeling that I'm in a recursive trap where every month or two I'll
be offered a new DNS system by some new company which can see the old DNS
system (and preceding layers) and offer new opportunities for additional
names. A sort or Russian dolls DNS.

>I don't understand why you have a problem.

See above.


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