Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 22:45:17 +1000
>I can see some overlap in the TLD's supported.
>e.g. are .SPORT (AlterNIC) and .SPORT (AUSRC)
>the SAME TLDs?

As I've said a million times now, AURSC has loaded all existing TLD data
from any RSC as long as there is no known conflict.

The gTLD does cause a conflict with .ARTS, .WEB and possibly .INFO, in
which case AURSC supports the original .WEB owned by IO Design and running
now for over 2 years.

>If so, does AUSRC reflect all TLD's in ALTERNIC
>  and vice versa?  (they should)

Yes. Exactly.  AURSC reflects (as you call it - we call it syncronise) all
data from affiliated RSC's.  We try to encourage those RSC's to reflect all
AURSC data.  To date this has been successful.  I can see in the future
where some countries will be required to reject some TLD's, such as SEXXX
(AURSC) and SEX (AlterNIC)

This has already been brought to our attention by a number of delegates
from various countries, but it has a positive.

Sites in SEX and SEXXX can be assured they will not be Arrested for
providing material in countried that isn't permitted.  The DNS
administrators in those countries hold the repsonsibility NOT to allow
resolution of data they shouldn't have or provide.

Far easier than using NetNanny to control sites by word in document or header.

Easier for parents to block entire domains: SEXXX, ADULT, SEX etc.

>If not, I can see mass confusion arising.

I've spent over 2 years doing my best - without YOUR support - to ensure
there is no confusion.    I'd lova some help though.

>Another question: why is the AUSRC web site located
>in the .net namespace, and not one of your TLDs?

It is.  You can reach AURSC at:

The only reason I advertise it under AH.NET is because it promotes AHNET at
the same time.  Strangely most people only ever access once, after that they use

Same with many using AUS.  They mostly use for their

BTW Sorry Rick, you can't use DOT AUS :)  It's a registrred company and

>And why is the ALTERNIC web site also located in the
>.net namespace?

Same reason.  Legacy is a problem.  We can't change that overnight, but we
can change it.  The last thing any of us want to do is fragment the
internet so we OVERLAP.

I'm sure you must know about this, being the "proclaimed" programmer you
are.  I'm sure if you developped an accounting system you wouldn't walk
into Grace Bros with the first site and just swap out all the old gear for
the new.

Would you?

Gosh imagine if Telstra dod that.

Swapped all the Micro/Macro links with OnRamp without giving YOU a benefit
period?  You'd have to sell most of your equipment wouldn't you?  Who to?

So Overlaps and swap over times are critical to a smooth transition.

I'm sure you now understand this.  I'm sure I'll NEVER hear this question
in any form brought up - again.

I wonder what the next question will be?  

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