Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

From: Rick Welykochy <rick§>
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 23:30:50 +1000
I don't suppose this is the correct forum to get into the censorship
debate ... but, a couple of points:

Adam Todd wrote:

> Far easier than using NetNanny to control sites by word in document or header.
> Easier for parents to block entire domains: SEXXX, ADULT, SEX etc.

NetNanny is a rather ridiculous comparison.
NetNanny and other forms of censorware have been already been

(a) be fallible;
(b) block sites that are found to be in direct political
    or ideological opposition to the censorware provider;
(c) easily circumvented by those little hackers who are so much
    more computer literate than their parents.

Blocking access to domains that end in a certain sequence as you
mention will encourage the purveyors of adult material to publish
it elsewhere. Unless there is 100% world-wide compliance, .sexx
.adult and friends are a red herring.

> >If not, I can see mass confusion arising.
> I've spent over 2 years doing my best - without YOUR support - to ensure
> there is no confusion.    I'd lova some help though.

Sorry. I was busy.

> >Another question: why is the AUSRC web site located
> >in the .net namespace, and not one of your TLDs?
> It is.  You can reach AURSC at:

My browser complained it couldn't find the site.
Sheesh .. I feel I've said that over a million times now.

Okay, I guess I could try what poor Tony Barry did and point
my DNS resolution to an unknown quantity, but then I wouldn't
enjoy the quality of service that I have so much come to

> The only reason I advertise it under AH.NET is because it promotes AHNET at
> the same time.  Strangely most people only ever access
> once, after that they use

The only reason you proselytise under is because nobody
can see 

> Same with many using AUS.  They mostly use for their
> administration.
> BTW Sorry Rick, you can't use DOT AUS :)  It's a registrred company and
> Trademark!

No comprendo. DOT AUS is registered ... so what. You are entitled
to DOTAUS.COM.AU or DOTAUS.NET.AU ... oh, my brain finally caught
up. DOT.AUS is not available to Dot Communications ... why not?
You've got more stringent rules than M.IT and CCA or somethin'?

> The last thing any of us want to do is fragment the
> internet so we OVERLAP.

Very little chance of fragmentation actually happening. Only once the
alternative TLD's are accepted will they even be seen by 99.9% of the
users out there in Netland.

> I wonder what the next question will be?

<Rick shrugs and denies himself the opportunity to be rude>

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