Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 11:45:31 +1000
>Blocking access to domains that end in a certain sequence as you
>mention will encourage the purveyors of adult material to publish
>it elsewhere. Unless there is 100% world-wide compliance, .sexx
>.adult and friends are a red herring.

Strangely enugh the entire ADULT market is pushing very hard for .SEX for
the exact reason that MOST of them are moral and ethical in the way they
operate their sites.

I guess that's close enough to 100%.

The remainder we have to leave up to the ethics of ISP's.

I can show you the archives of a mail list of people discussing this and
supporting it all the way.

>> I've spent over 2 years doing my best - without YOUR support - to ensure
>> there is no confusion.    I'd lova some help though.
>Sorry. I was busy.

No time like the present.

>> It is.  You can reach AURSC at:
>My browser complained it couldn't find the site.
>Sheesh .. I feel I've said that over a million times now.

I feel I've said a million times, if you configure as suggested you'll gain
results.  I really don't want to hear how patheticly in apt you are at
following simple instructions.

>Okay, I guess I could try what poor Tony Barry did and point
>my DNS resolution to an unknown quantity, but then I wouldn't
>enjoy the quality of service that I have so much come to

How do you know this?  Are you saying now - in a public forum, that AURSC
doesn't provide an equal to or better quality of service?  That's a VERY
VERY BIG presumption Rick.  Wasn't it you who brought up the matter of

How about you TRY it and then tell me.

>> The only reason I advertise it under AH.NET is because it promotes AHNET at
>> the same time.  Strangely most people only ever access
>> once, after that they use
>The only reason you proselytise under is because nobody
>can see 

The only reason I remain under AH.NET is because I'm very well known under
it.  I'd love to move over to a&#167;a and have http://a.a as my web site, and
in fact some people do use this, but those same people constantly use
at&#167; and as their contact points.  Not to mention
it's been put in just about every project and product I've released.  

I have no reason to change my contact details instantly.  It would only
cause confusion, so I stay right where I am.

Anyway - AHNET is very special to us.  Perhaps you shodul read about where
the name came from :)

>> Same with many using AUS.  They mostly use for their
>> administration.
>> BTW Sorry Rick, you can't use DOT AUS :)  It's a registrred company and
>> Trademark!
>No comprendo. DOT AUS is registered ... so what. You are entitled
>to DOTAUS.COM.AU or DOTAUS.NET.AU ... oh, my brain finally caught
>up. DOT.AUS is not available to Dot Communications ... why not?

Because it's already allocated :)

>You've got more stringent rules than M.IT and CCA or somethin'?

Nope, actually less stringent overall.  You can read them if you like.

>> The last thing any of us want to do is fragment the
>> internet so we OVERLAP.
>Very little chance of fragmentation actually happening. Only once the
>alternative TLD's are accepted will they even be seen by 99.9% of the
>users out there in Netland.

There you go quoting that number again.  I look forward to seeing your
report validating 99%.

>> I wonder what the next question will be?
><Rick shrugs and denies himself the opportunity to be rude>

I know what it will be - something around this 99% visability issue.
Problem is the servers are totally visible to 100% of the user of the
internet, so it's mute point.

Just like is also visible to 100% of the internet,
but 90% choose not to visit it.

You are CHOOSING not to visit AURSC.  Don't say that 99% of people also
follow in your footsteps because your wrong, and tha'ts very misleading to
people who don't yet understand what this is all about or are not yet up to

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