Re: Cool it - was Re: DNS: [Oz-ISP] Social Engineering and 2LDs]

Re: Cool it - was Re: DNS: [Oz-ISP] Social Engineering and 2LDs]

From: Jeff Williams <jwkckid1§>
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 08:32:03 +0100
Tony and all,

Tony Barry wrote:

> Adam, Alister, Jeff, Rick and me and et al
> Lists live by vigorous rational debate. They die through insults and
> polemics. Lets us be quiet for a few days and choose our words in future
> with discernment and care, should we choose to post again.

  I agree.  I havn't attacked anyone.  I have attacked Alastairs and Ricks,
arguments and personal attacks on Adam.  It seems approiate in respect
to both of these fellows seem to have it in for anything that Adam says.
As i am new to this list, though I have reviewed the archives, it seems
form the tenor of previous discussing that Adam agreed with allot of what
Jim Flemming had to say or the questions he ask.  The EC decided to
Banish Jim Flemming from the list.

  It also is very evident from the archives that anyone that does not agree
with the direction of the EC on this list, is very likely to be banned.  This
of action is reprehensible as shows poor leadership.  I have already had
a series of exchanged with David COnrad on this issue, and have found
that there seems to be some entrenchment on the part of the APNIC
leadership, without a clear consensus of it's members or a open discussion
of issues raised as result ot these discussions, prior to my subscribing to
this list.  I have also found that members of some other lists on APNIC,
are restricted and some of the statements made by the EC about archives
being readily available on the PNIC site to be less than factual, see
(  I had to ask Dave Conrad where to rind them, and they
are not pointed to from any link that is can find from the APNIC home page as
some of the leadership of APNIC have claimed.  This sort of thing leads to
mistrust and does not serve APNIC in a good light.

> To attack the person rather than their argument is to lose.

  See my above comments please.  >;)  Thank you.

> Tony
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