DNS: Re: Portability - Who's the looser?

DNS: Re: Portability - Who's the looser?

From: Adam Todd <at§ah.net>
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 13:32:52 +1000
>V.easy to agree that this is a crime. But! After tons of verifiable
>evidence, the police have had to finally tell us there are too many
>"small" cases (fraud under, say, $1000.00) for them to investigate
>and they have no resources for such pursutes. They remain 
>investigating BIG fraud. In this case, even if we wishes to
>proceed with prosecution, we would not have any further assistance
>from the AFP ;(

That is about right.  Jurisdiction causes them problems if it's under
$40,000.  Try your local police.  They have time to deal with such matters
and often loose anyway.

>I'm sure members on the list can draw their own conclusions
>about how effective the Trade Practices Act would be in actually
>regulating the behaviour of unethical domain registrars here in

Rick, again you are speaking without knowledge.  Call the ACCC and ask them
what they are doing about Domain Names right now.

Then come back and SHUT UP for once and start to LEARN by listening, rather
than talking out your ear.

>Australia. It is one thing to quote a law. It is quite another
>(and a lot more work) to quote actualy cases of succesful
>prosecution. Case history and precedent are much more informative :-)

You haven't seen NOTHING yet.

>Rather than relying on existing statute to somehow rather
>precariously enforce moral and ethical and businesslike behaviour
>in DNS registration and administration, perhaps more codified
>Codes of Conduct and agreement in the .AU community as to how
>the DNS will be are required. Like the bar, the Internet industry
>can often go a long way itself towards enforcing its own policies,
>e.g. UDP in the news, SPAM blocking, and even ostracisation.

Or we could wait till next month and have the ACCC write to the ACA asking
for a Manager to be appojnted under the Telecommunications Act for
Electronic Addressing.
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