Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 13:28:15 +1000
>On your web page <>
>are, in part, the following instructions:
>7.In the DNS Server Search Order add the following two IP addresses
>              (Click Add)
>             (Click Add)

Yes correct.  For an END user this is acceptable.  For an ISP or person
with DNS servers it is NOT.

That is why it's titled under WINDOWS 95, because I don't know too many
ISPs using Windows 95 as their platforms.

>> Guess that's why they are called LEGACY.
>Very inappropriate remarks to those who have developed the legacy
>system everyone uses.

No, it's not directed at ALL those who have developed the Legacy system at
all.  In fact a number of them support a new improved direction.  Some
don't and fortuatley in most cases we respect each other for our opinions
and comments.

Unlike yourself who is outside it all and hasn't even bothere dto trial the
option, your comments are meaningless.

>You haven't answered the question. If you give people an indication
>of what services, sites, etc. are availble via the alternative
>DNS system, more interest might be generated. 

You want me to sit here and list every web site that resides on an Enhanced

Oh come on that's just a pathetic attempt by you to be pathetic.

Ok, can you list fro me all those web sites that are in the Legacy DNS that
people might like to visit.  ALL OF THEM.

Rick, please be serious.

I don't browes web sites, I rarely use ANY of them at all.  Why woudl I
know or even care what people are using their domain names for?

Do you think I have no life outside your attacks and antics?

I hope people now start to see what Rick is really about and what he is
worth.  Far less than the discussions value in itself.

Rick, when you can sensibly approach this topic, please come back and
discuss it with me, right now your sound no different to the idiots who
join Aussie-ISP asking if they can use Win95 for the basis of their dialup

Sorry for being personal, but really it has come to as low as it can go.
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