Re: DNS: silence is golden

Re: DNS: silence is golden

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 13:35:00 +1000
>I counted *14* messages sent between 18:20 and 19:40 last night by 
>the hysterical Mr Toad.  "Verbal diarrhoea" doesn't even begin to
>describe it.

Shame we have to be insulting.  Guess this means - yet again, more quality
communication as those who can't discuss without being biased, tend to run
and hid.

Well lets see.  Thanks to Jeff Williams we loose Geoff Huston and I forget
who the other was.

And to me ... that's Kate and Simon Hacket.  (Gosh Simon, Kaul Aurbach will
be very dissapointed in you.)

So the quality of discussion will slowly increase to something that will
actually come to conclusion.


Shame to loose Geoff H though.  Still, it was expected.
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