DNS: Special deal

DNS: Special deal

From: Alastair Waddell <awaddell§cyberlabs.com.au>
Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 22:02:33 +1000
Ever on the lookout for opportunities, I've decided to put
together a special insurance package for subscribers to ausdns.

This will provide the necessary cover against possible litigation

o Adam

o trademark owners of obscure names who never will read or be
  interested in ausdns 

o any other litigation suggested, indirectly threatened or
  purported to be of relevence by Adam

As a special introductory deal, my new company, Rasberry
Insurance, will be offering a health package providing for:

o serious disenchantment with dns related mailing lists

o pedantry or small mindedness, acquired as a result of reading
  in this list 

o loss of humour, witlessness, mental paralysis, a rising of bile
  at inappropriate moments (such as when not reading ausdns),
  'halfwitphoebia', dns related angst or personality changes
  reflecting any of these symptoms suffered as a result of
  reading in this list

  (or for those who's constitution is more favourable to their 
  mental faculties at the cost of their physical wellbeing...) 

o possible digestive problems or flatulence as a result of
  excessive ROFL from reading this list

Readers will understand that premiums for health insurance will
be many orders of magnitude higher than those for litigation

Regards and back to the 'serious' stuff... 

> Adam Todd wrote:
> > I would also be careful about refering to ALTERNATE DNS.  That is in fact a
> > registred trade mark of a company and as such you would cause misleading
> > representation of that as well.

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