DNS: Let me get this straight...AU is ONE person ?

DNS: Let me get this straight...AU is ONE person ?

From: Jim Fleming <JimFleming§unety.net>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 00:55:33 -0500
Let me get this straight...some of you folks
have been making a lot of noise that Adam Todd
does not have any people involved, and then you
tell me that that huge .AU domain is operated
by ONE person, Robert Elz.

That makes no business sense. How can all of
the delegates under .AU rely on one person ?
What happens if Robert Elz is killed in a car
accident or is hit by a Fosters Beer truck ?

Please explain how this makes any sense and
why it would not be better to have MORE people
from the Internet community in Australia involved
in the management of the .AU TLD.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation - http://www.unir.com - 0:196 .MALL
1998 - The Year of the C+&#167;
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